The Confident Woman

ISBN: 0736912401
ISBN 13: 9780736912402
By: Anabel Gillham

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About this book

Many women believe that if they try hard enough to be the perfect Christian woman, God will honor their efforts. But God does not call them to be perfect. He wants them to be "confident"--confident in His love and acceptance.As a mentor, friend, and former perfection-seeker, Anabel Gillham shares how women can experience the transforming touch of confidence as they: understand who they are in relation to Christ and to othersrecognize their three biggest needs and discover how God meets themrely on God for their value, worth, and successWith more than 100,000 copies sold, this book ministers to women of all ages and backgrounds as they encounter their perfect identity in Christ.

Reader's Thoughts


I'm done with the book and it was amazing! It really helped me with what I was going through with my break up at the time. It showed me the different ways that God loves me and fulfills all my needs regardless of whether or not I am in a relationship. I would recommend this book to any of my female friends!

Jimin Lee

This was a great book with many powerful bible verses about who you are in Christ. The later chapters focused mainly on marriage relations though it does mention singles as well. A great read!


anabel is open and honest. and her book is rich with biblical truth that is not heard and lived enough. look forward to re-reading this again.

Nicole Meadows

My mentor suggested I read this, and it has greatly helped me understand what I believe about my identity, my justification and validation, and the reasons I tend to feel satisfied or dissatisfied by relationships. I sometimes hesitate towards "self-help" books for fear of cheesiness, but this one was conversational and had a study guide with comprehension questions, prompts to articulate what I think and what is actually present, and then scriptural promises to read until they soak in and spread.This book taught me a lot about myself. Made it OK to be where I was, OK to have feelings, OK to have needs and OK to be frustrated. And I end up pulling things I've learned in conversations with the young women I mentor.

Lynne Gentry

Every woman who thinks she can control life needs to read Anabel Gillham.

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