The Copper Crown (The Tales of Aeron, #1)

ISBN: 0451450507
ISBN 13: 9780451450500
By: Patricia Kennealy

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About this book

WHEN EARTH MEETS KELTIA WILL STAR EMPIRES FALL?When lore became legend on ancient Earth and the powers of magic waned, the Kelts and their allies fled the planet for the freedom of distant star realms.But the stars were home to dangerous foes, and millenia later, the worlds of Keltia still maintained uneasy truce with two enemy empires -the Imperium and the Phalanx. Then, at the start of the reign of Aeron, mistress of high magic and queen of all the Kelts, an Earthship made contact with her long-fled children. And while Earth and Keltia reached out to form alliance, the star fleets of the enemy mobilized for final, devastating war....

Reader's Thoughts

Rebecca Swartz

This book is a magical work. Along with its sequel, The Throne of Scone, it combines eloquent text, flawless character building, historical fact weaved with fantasy, magic where it should be (and how it should be), and a story that lifts the spirit as it does the education of the Kelts. This is a fine, fine read, and highly recommended.


so cheesy. yet i love it. KELTS! IN! SPAAAAAAAACE!


Love the book!

Mel Nevergold

Jim Morrison's wife writes an incredible novel.


I love this series, I read it over and over again


Great fantasy!

Janice Hegarty

Really enjoyed this book


Am only going to review one of the Ketiad books, but merely because they are, one and all, wonderful stories. I began reading them years ago, when I was a young woman, just barely out of my teens. One of the great tragedies of my life was losing my original copies in a house fire some 20 years later...yes, they ARE keepers. The characters are multifaceted, believable, and, for the most part, very likable. There are no black-or-white generalizations, every individual is drawn with a depth of color and shading that is so very natural.Even the villans are fascinating in their own right, and their motivations for villany are understandable and ring true. I loathe "bad guys" who are just "tossed in for the badness." This never happens with Ms. Kennealy-Morrison's books. The story line runs true from book to book, but each book stands very well on its own, a thing that I very much like in a series.If you are a fan of Science Fiction, of the Arther legends, of Celtic/Gaelic history, or just a good adventure story (with JUST the right touch of romance), these books are for you!

Avis Black

A derivative and bland story.

Jesse Coffey

The first book in the Keltiad series. Lots of action, lots of drama, great story telling. An excellent blend of past and future elements. A must read for anyone who loves science fiction/fantasy.

Elisa Clawson

This is a fascinating series of books written by the wife of singer Jim Morrison. It takes place in the future in space, but it is a Arthurian legend. I really like it.


Celts.... in SPAAAAAAAACE! Really silly and indulgent, but marginally fun.Update: Ugh, I gave it up. It was just too silly. None of the character's decisions were realistic, I kept yelling at them.


I loved the entire series starting with this book. I actually based ny first D&D character on the main character from this series (loosely, mostly in name & form). It is a great mix of futuristic technology and Celtic magic. A related series that is also very good is a futuristic Arthurian tale that takes place in the past relative to this series, and I loved it as well.


A beautifully written blend of magic and science fiction. Long ago the Celts (spelled Kelts in the book so the reader is sure to mentally pronounce the name accurately) fled Atlantis and landed on the shores of Ireland, only to find themselves expelled as snakes and serpents when St. Patrick brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle. They fled in a spaceship built with technology that had been in their people for millennia, and landed in a star system thousands of light-years away from the inhospitable Earth, where they have lived for countless generations. Now Terrans have once again discovered them, and Aeron, the Queen of Keltia, is ready to welcome them as long-lost kin. Keltia's enemies are not eager for an alliance that could tip the scales of power in the universe, and launch an attack. When both technology and magic are used in war, you KNOW things are going to get exciting!I read this book many years ago, and it became one of my favorites. Whenever I pick up an old favorite, it's with a bit of trepidation, because now I've studied writing techniques and it's a lot harder to lose myself in a novel the way I could when I wasn't able to identify the author's storytelling skills. Therefore I was delighted to discover that I love this book now just as much as I did back then! I absolutely love the "science fantasy" aspects, and found my chest swelling just a little because of my Irish roots. Who knows, maybe I, too, am a distant descendant of the people who fled Atlantis!One warning to those who intend to read The Copper Crown - it's the first of a trilogy, and it was written in the days when trilogies were really just one long story broken into three books. It leaves the characters in dire straits, sort of like Han Solo was left frozen in carbonite at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. That's okay - I own the other two books as well as the following trilogy!

Mike (the Paladin)

Just could never get through this one. so take my rating for what it is. I didn't finish it.

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