The Crippled Angel (The Crucible, #3)

ISBN: 0765342847
ISBN 13: 9780765342843
By: Sara Douglass

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About this book

With the familiar world beginning to crumble around him, the church losing its power, humankind questioning the nature of religion, and demons escaping into the present through a rift, Thomas Neville undertakes a dangerous mission on behalf of the archangel Michael to uncover the demons living in human form. By the author of The Nameless Day and Th

Reader's Thoughts

Matt DeLateur

historical fantasy at its best :D

Steph Klassen

I was surprised with how the book ended. I AM glad that it ended the way it did, and I am glad in the choice that Thomas makes in the end. It was satisfying to finish the book, though part of me wishes he had learned his lessons earlier. The series does have a good message about the importance of loving. While I realise that it is a work of fiction, and as such, the author is free to mess around with history as she sees fit, it kind of bothered me that she had characters out of their proper timeline. She did say that it was an "alternative reality," so I suppose that's a good disclaimer.

lynne naranek

Okay, so Thomas' dilemma of having to give his soul on a platter to a prostitute gets a *wee* bit irritating when everyone keeps harping, agonizing, and dithering about it in just about every single chapter!... but apart from that, this book is a very interesting end to a great series.I must say I felt a bit guilty about being party to the premise of Archangel Michael and the other angels being nothing but cruel petty arrogant beings, and surprisingly, this is what had me holding back from thoroughly enjoying the entire series; yes, this is what had be more than aware that this was all just a work of fiction. Kinda amusing, actually :-)But overall, this was a great series, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, alternative history, and a kick in the spirituality pants every once in a while.


I absolutely loved this series. Very well written and a definite page turner until the end. I am looking forward to reading her other works.

Angelique Sapone

I almost had to take time off work after reading this to let my mind absorb all three novels.


It was cheap... So I bought it. Better of buying a six pack. To many christians, to many angels...Jon of Arc . end of discussion

Sue Mack


Ronald Marcil

The Crucible #3


Very interesting take on the war between good/evil and the fight for the souls of mankind. Takes place in a semi-historical 14th century Europe which made me go research more of the time. I think the ending could have been a bit more satisfying but it was a thoroughly enjoyable read.


Good trilogy.


Interesting premise.

Karen Brooks

The final page-turning installment of The Crucible series, The Crippled Angel, sees Thomas Neville, former Dominican, warrior and now King Henry's (Hal's) confidant and conscience, forced to make the choice that will change the world. Understanding what he is and what's expected of him, the role he has no choice but to play, Neville nonetheless struggles with his morals and what he believes he must do, procrastinating endlessly! Despite the apparent wickedness of the angels and deception of those called demons, Neville feels he must search for alternatives or delay the inevitable for as long as possible, bringing everyone and thing to the brink of disaster. Against a backdrop of war, politics, pestilence, treachery and unbelievable cruelty, moments of kindness, generosity and love shine. It's these, particularly in the form of Hal's misused Queen, Mary, that Neville clings to as the angels and events conspire to force his hand. A strong friendship develops between Neville and Mary which is the woman's only respite as Douglass does not spare the gentle queen any misery and we bear witness to utterly appalling injuries - emotional and physical - inflicted upon this poor soul. Philip and Catherine also feature as does Joan of Arc and, of course, Neville's wife and child. Relationships grow, transform, suffer and are fulfilled or otherwise. Again, Douglass uses real figures and events to create verisimilitude amd add richness and depth to this complex tale. Dates and places differ as do consequences, but the excitement never abates.Using a great deal of medieval biblical and religious imagery, Douglass paints a bleak, adventurous and marvellous world where angels and demons tread and manipulate boldly for their own purposes amd where good and evil are no longer black and white but more than fifty shades of grey. The Church as an institution is not let off lightly, and Christianity as preached by Jesus is upheld as a system of faith that's been as brutalized and misinterpreted as Mary by those with their own shocking agendas. I admire Douglass enormously for the themes she tackles in this series and the ideologies and beliefs she places under a daring microscope. For while this rollicking take of good, evil, everything inbetween and those who practice it is set in the past, it still resonates strongly today.A fabulous conclusion to a terrific series.

Darren Li

A lot of mystery in my opinion. It sometimes became a bit confusing between the transitions of scenes. Nevertheless the story itself was marvelous. This would be a great read for any medieval era lover. The rest is for you to find out! Happy Reading!


A very good trilogy about 14th century religion with a fantasy twist

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