The CSS Anthology

ISBN: 0957921888
ISBN 13: 9780957921887
By: Rachel Andrew Simon Willison

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About this book

Note: A new edition of this book has been released. Please look for "The CSS Anthology, 2nd Edition" (ISBN: 097584198X) A practical guide on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for professionals and novices, that can be used both as a tutorial and read cover-to-cover or as a handy and practical reference book to common problems, solutions and effects. The Question and Answer format makes it easy for readers to solve their problems and learn more about common pitfalls and workarounds. CSS has been growing steadily in its adoption as a technology. CSS gives the developer complete control over how an HTML page looks without using cumbersome HTML tags- truly separating content from presentation. Many major organizations have been adopting CSS technology e.g.

Reader's Thoughts

Derek Bridge

CSS tips, tricks & hacks - just like it says on the can. Very useful format. After you've learned what CSS is, this is the ideal next book on the topic, prior to something more advanced.

Katherine Parker

Well, I never got far into this book and had to take it back to the library...

Giuseppe Pizzimenti

campionario di soluzioni pronte e di facile lettura, ma che si mantiene di livello introduttivo

Ahsan Habib

The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks was not written for web designer and developers with NO knowledge of CSS. The author (Rachel Andrew) provides enough valuable tips and trick into 8 categories, starting from "Text styling and other basics", "Css and images", to more advance "Tabular data" and "Cross-browser Techniques". The book provides best-practice coding styles and CSS 2.1 compliant code to ensure that your web pages are easy to maintain.As you would expect from this (reference) kind of book, every example starts with a question, like: "How do I make a horizontal menu using CSS and links". I really loved this approach: it does not force you to read the book from cover to cover. It lets you quickly locate the answer to the particular CSS problem - open the book, look in the TOC, locate your task and find the best solution inside the book. Each practical solution starts with a brief explanation of the "problem". The author has nicely included screen shots of the solution as well as the CSS code needed to solve the problem.All the examples of CSS design are focused on practical usage. As you work through the book, you'll note the file names above every code listing. Those links refer to downloadable archive (located on the Publisher web site) that contains all the finished examples presented in the book.Finally, the CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks is not only about quick CSS code solutions to pressing problems. The discussion that accompanies each tip enables you to customize your formatting and explains why and how to adopt the technique to other situations and, if needed, to other browsers.


This is the best CSS book I have found.

Andy Norris

Very, very informative, and surprisingly easy to read. Made me wish I could start all of my web projects over and do them right.


Should I use pixels, points, ems, or another unit identifier to set font sizes? How do I form elements using CSS? How do I set an item’s position on the page using CSS?The CSS Anthology sets out a question and answer type of resource. Most people using this book will be browsing the topics for solutions to particular problems. However, if worked through from start to finish, this book would even serve beginners well. The CSS Anthology is complete with full code and illustrations. I find this aspect is particularly useful for trying out different approaches. The book also contains a lot of good tips about compatibility and when CSS is not the best choice.

Richard Piet

Set up as questions posed with clear answers, this CSS handbook is probably the best problem solver book I have found. As my students ask about their design problems, most solutions can be found with clear examples, and sample code. It is a highly recommended book to use to understand the fundamentals of designing with CSS

Rejeev Divakaran

Very good CSS Beginers. Very readable writting style.

Audrey Teo

This is a brilliant reference book. Very visual with lots of colour which is important for visually inclined web designers


I taught me practical CSS and its common tricks in a short time.

Hamed Mazaheri

Very good book for those who are less familiar with CSS, but I think too much is not useful for beginner, tricks are very good and very simple language they are learning.absolutely recommend to people who are still learning CSS.------------------------------------------------اين كتاب توسط اميرحسين عبدالعلي به فارسي ترجمه شده و توسط انتشارات ناقوس به چاپ رسيده كه ترجمه بسيار روان به همراه نكات ميفيدي دارد.

Gabriele D'Amato

E' un ottimo testo per imparare i primi rudimenti dei CSS. Attualmente risulta un po' datato visto l'uso ormai consolidato dei CSS3. Ad ogni modo molte tecniche rimangono ottime e aiutano a comprendere meglio (e ricordare) come andrebbero trattati certi problemi e contesti. Gli esempi sono molto buoni e spesso specificati passo passo. Il codice è fondamentalmente semplice e lo si può seguire bene grazie a spiegazioni molto precise e un linguaggio adatto a tutti. Insomma, un libro che fa bene a chi vuole imparare, ma anche a chi ha già imparato e vuole ricordare meglio.


Good book for beginners. you can find practical solutions and learn tricks very fast.


A very good book containing a lot of tips and tricks from various departments, starting at beautifying design and ending at improving usability and accessibility. It's compiled in very user-friendly format of questions and answers with full source code. It is, however, targeted at CSS novices - or it used to be an overwhelming compendium five years ago, when CSS was still new. SitePoint has recently released 3rd edition of this book (I have 1st) - but I've read its info and it looks like it was updated with revised source codes and tricks for IE7/IE8 and FF3. It's quite misleading now to label such a book as "101 Essential Tips, Tricks and Hacks" because it implies more advanced approach than what CSS Anthology really contains. It's a good book for beginners, but not worth the money for advanced users.

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