The Dawning of the Day: A Jerusalem Tale

ISBN: 1592641407
ISBN 13: 9781592641406
By: Haim Sabato Yaacob Dweck

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About this book

A humble man and a religious man, who worked as a presser in a laundry, Ezra Siman Tov was also a teller of sories that entralled and captivated his friends. But along with his stories, Exra also had a shame and a secret, which overshadowed his family. Haim Sabato, the award winning writer, recreates a lost world in which faith provides a framework for life adn a deep source of comfort.

Reader's Thoughts

Peggy Walt

Bought this book while I was in Israel, and enjoyed it although it was not what I expected. Loved reading about the old days of Jerusalem, and imagining how things were on Mahane Yehuda, etc. The main character is extremely devoted, and it was interesting learning about the various styles of worship (though none of them Conservative) at the various shuls he visited. The author was in the tanks division during the Yom Kippur war....where my husband served as a medic. wonder if they ever met?


My rating is for the Hebrew version of this book, which is absolutely brilliant.


An inspiring tale of a simple Jewish man who lives his faith through everything he does in the normal routines of his day in the Sephardic community of Jerusalem. Even while Ezra Siman Tov cleans and presses prayer shawls in a laundry he feels close to the faith of those wear them,usually young grooms whose brides have given them as the traditional wedding gift. As the secular world slowly erodes the traditional ways of his old neighborhood, he continues to love God and Torah. He is known to everyone as a storyteller and is surrrounded in life by holy and sometimes eccentric characters who are accustomed to stopping him and saying "Ezra, tell us a story!". Viewed as a pious man by others, Ezra does not feel that he is because he carries a secret sin and is burdened with the heart-breaking loss of a daughter he does not speak of. Ultimately this is a love story, the love between a man and his God who comforts him through all things. A story for everyone, religious or not, for who is not fed by the things of the spirit? The writing is beautiful. The story is poignant, tender, perfect.Haim Sabato is an Israeli author who writes in Hebrew. His previous two novels, Aleppo Tales and Adjusting Sights have also been translated into book blog:

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