The Day of Reckoning

ISBN: 1576738965
ISBN 13: 9781576738962
By: Kathy Herman

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About this book

One man's hatred sets off a community crisis in a chilling page-turning read that is also startlingly inspirational. Textile magnate G. R. Logan lays off a thirty-year employee who dies weeks later, and the man's son means to make Logan pay. In her second novel in the dramatic Baxter series, Kathy Herman unleashes a kidnapper's unresolved anger and explores the honest depths of a believer's anger at God. Sinister messages threaten the lives of two teenage girls while the citizens of Baxter struggle to cope with the evil that plagues this once-peaceful town. How will they react when they learn who's responsible? Can anything break their cycle of bitterness?

Reader's Thoughts


Well, let me say that at first I was leery of reading this book, for a couple of reasons: 1) It was second in the series, and I hadn't read the first book; 2) I was worried it was going to be another cheesy Christian story that didn't seem to be real---and by real I mean have no semblance to real life. With that said let me say that I am glad that I read this book. It was very true to life. Both from a believers perspective to the secular side. Also, it was a stand alone book, that could be read in context of the whole series and enjoyed, or alone. This book is really a message about faith in tragedy, and dealing with both anger and it's relatives hate and resentment. Even though you know how the "bad guy" is the book still has plenty of surprises I didn't see coming. The pace of the book was incredibly fast, it kept me hooked from the beginning until the end. Best of all the characters were incredibly well developed, I felt a sense of attachment to them. To me those are all the hall-marks of a good story: pacing, hooks to draw you in and emotional commitment on the part of the reader. So if you want a good thriller, or something that will speak on deeper level, then I recommend this book.


This is the second book I have read after stumbling ascross her section at the library and she has nailed both books fantastically. She is my new favorite author her stories are engaging, thought provoking and heart wrenching all at the same time.

Pamela Leinenweaver

Awesome book so touching love these stories of how God guides and directs

Judy Wise

Wow, what a story. This is written by a christian author, and it is about 2 young teenagers that are kidnapped and how it effects them and the small town where they live.It started out with explanations and the middle was a little slow reading but the last several chapter I could not read fast enough.Hint! You will need your hankies but you will also be glad you took the sime to read this book.This is the second book in the Baxter Series. I did not read the first one and do not feel as though I missed out by not reading it. However I do own book 3 and 4 and look forward to reading them.


The upsetting but compelling story of two teen-aged girls who are kidnapped for revenge. Book two in the Baxter Series contains unfolding events that are unpredictable.

Dode Wessel

This book will make you think about whether you really live your fatith in ALL things...very motivating and quick moving of my favorites in the series


This was another one of my random choices from the library. I didn't realize it was a Christian book when I picked it up. I tried hard to not be turned off by all the obvious, preachy references, but the author made it harder and harder as the book progressed. Even considering myself quite a religious person, it's hard to imagine a real person talking to another real person and saying something like "All I know is I've put my life in Jesus' nail-scarred hands." Seriously? Who says that?But that's not even the worst part. The book was poorly edited (I found a number of typos), the protocol and questioning by the FBI agents seemed completely fake and made up (which indicates to me that the author just made up the story without any research into the accuracy of how law enforcement would really handle these situations), and it seemed painfully obvious to me that the author has never had any experience or understanding of traumatic situations like the one in her story. That is obviously not her fault, but when you're ignorant of something, that is when you RESEARCH! Lazy writing.Then again, the story was interesting enough that I finished it. So. Not a great book, but not the worst I've read.


DAY OF RECKONING is the second novel in The Baxter Series by Kathy Herman. When the Logan Textile plant closed five years ago, it was upsetting to the community and its workers. Feeling betrayed by the young G.R. Logan, who closed the plant so he could using cheaper labor in Costa Rica and raise his revenue, someone decides he should be punished. When G.R.’s daughter and her best friend are kidnapped, the town is shocked. When they find out it’s payback for the plant closure, a mixture of feelings surface. But in all, the small town of Baxter is horrified to think these two girls are going to pay for the sins of the father.DAY OF RECKONING has an interesting premise. Just how deep can resentment and hate go before it yields bitterness that leads to destruction? I enjoyed DAY OF RECKONING though at times I feel the dialog was a bit stilted. Sherry Kinnsington came across as a teenage super Christian. At times I felt it was a bit distracting, but in the end, I saw the purpose it served. Overall, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the characters of the small town of Baxter and will continue on to VITALS SIGNS, the third book in the series.

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