The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit: A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart

ISBN: 1594771715
ISBN 13: 9781594771712
By: Joseph Chilton Pearce

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About this book

Social visionary Joseph Chilton Pearce’s indictment of cultural imprinting as the cause of humankind’s cruel and violent behavior • Refutes the Neo-Darwinist assumption that violence is inherent in humanity • Identifies religion as the sustaining force behind our negative cultural imprinting • Shows how infant-adult interactions unconsciously block the creative spirit We are all too aware of the endless variety of cruel and violent behavior reported to us in the media, reminded daily that in every corner of the world someone is suffering or dying at the hands of another. We have to ask: Is this violence and cruelty endemic to our nature? Are we, at our foundation, really so murderous? In The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit, Joseph Chilton Pearce, life-long advocate of human potential, sounds an emphatic and convincing no. Pearce explains that beneath our awareness, culture imprints a negative force-field that blocks the natural rise of the spirit toward its innate nature of love and altruism. Further, he identifies religion as the primary cultural force behind this negative imprinting. Drawing from recent neuroscience, neurocardiology, cultural anthropology, and brain development research, Pearce explains that the key to reversing this trend can be found in the interaction between infants and adults. The adult mind-set effectively compromises the infant’s neural and hormonal interactions between the heart and the higher evolutionary structures of the developing brain, thus keeping us centered primarily in our most primitive and defensive neural foundations, generation after generation. Pearce shows us that if we allow the intelligence of the heart to take hold and flourish, we can reverse this unconscious loss of our true nature. 

Reader's Thoughts


Exceptional. A very well researched and well written account of the biological and spiritual intelligence of the heart. An eyeopening look at how the heart-brain relationship has evolved and devolved throughout our human history and the impact of culture on our potential as spiritual-human beings. This books calls for a return to the incredible potential, our birthright, that is within all of us. Hope for our humanity. A spiritual evolution ushering us into a new world. I can't wait to read all of the author's other books.


one of my favorite authors, i highly recommend his work to any one with/planning to have children and also to anyone that breathes.

Nate Parsons

My mom recommend this book to me.

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