The Deer’s Cry

ISBN: 0061059277
ISBN 13: 9780061059278
By: Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

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About this book

On a planet far-flung from Earth, the true descendants of the Celts have built a new civilization. Driven from their home by the relentless persecution of priests during the Dark Ages, the Celts fled in great starships to make a home on the green and beautiful world they call Keltia. Now, for the first time, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison tells the tale of that exodus to the stars, a tale of unmatched courage and breathtaking romance. From the smoke and fire of conquest, a Celtic leader rises: Brendan, whose cunning and bravery will become legend to the Celts, even as they span the stars!

Reader's Thoughts


Celts colonizing space? I’ll admit I was rather skeptical when I heard of the premise for Patricia Kennealy-Morrison’s Keltiad series. But she actually managed to pull it off pretty well. Now, you have to set aside your own knowledge of history, and think of this book as an alternate timeline. The story starts out in early medieval Ireland with the friendship, and later growing enmity between Brendan, the son of a chieftain, and Padraig a Christian missionary. The plot takes a while to get to the point, as the tensions between the two faiths build up. Finally after a confrontation, Brendan and his buddies decide that in order to preserve their polytheistic ways, they will have to emigrate. Conveniently they know an old Atlantean fellow (Atlantis has to figure into this somehow, right?) who remembers the technical know-how for space travel. So, after much preparation, and political drama, they leave and eventually find a lovely solar system to colonize.This is a prequel for the rest of the Keltiad series- earlier books were written about the “Kelts in Space” civilization, and so this one explains how and why they went there in the first place. The book was basically ok- I thought it took way too long to set up the story and get the plot moving. Also, the Evil Oppressive Christians theme is much too heavy-handed, offensive in fact and an over-simplification of the conversion of Ireland. The cover also looks like a cheesy romance novel! Still, it was a fun read, but not at the level of caliber of the Sevenwaters Trilogy or the Mists of Avalon. I have heard from other reviews of this book that other Keltiad books are much better than this one. So I will be checking those out later on.I also have to say- that cover is terrible! It looks like a romance novel, showing that fellow's ripped abs!

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