The Devil’s World: Heresy and Society 1100-1300

ISBN: 0582279607
ISBN 13: 9780582279605
By: Andrew Roach

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About this book

Andrew Roach's interesting book can help us understand our modern world better, and should have a wide appeal to non-specialist readers. 'Paul Ormerod, author of the best-selling Death of Economics and Butterfly Economics Recent academic scholarship has emphasised the idea that 'heresy is in the eye of the beholder'. Greater definition of the Church's role and Catholic belief in the 12th and 13th centuries 'created' heretics, people who represented or championed local variation in religious practices or adherence to old-fashioned doctrines. In his fascinating new study, Andrew Roach argues that, by contrast, the emergence of heresy in the twelfth century reflected lay impatience with the monopoly of the medieval Church. Unprecedented consumer choice in food, clothing and less tangible products such as troubadour entertainment and higher education meant that people looked at religion in a new light.

Reader's Thoughts

Christian Larsen

A fairly compelling book about how faith become commodified during the middle ages. The title is somewhat deceiving, it is not about Christian eschatology, but rather doctrinal choice (heresy) in the marketplace.

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