The Diet Cure

ISBN: 0140286527
ISBN 13: 9780140286526
By: Julia Ross

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About this book

For the more than eighty million Americans who diet regularly--and without success--this amazing new program, based on ten years of proven clinical results, offers a revolutionary approach to nutrition that can safely curb your cravings and make you feel better in less than twenty-four hours. The Diet Cure begins with an 8-Step Quick Symptom Questionnaire that helps readers identify their unique underlying biochemical imbalances, such as depleted brain chemistry caused by too much dieting, hormonal irregularities, blood-sugar swings, food allergies, thyroid dysfunction, and a deficiency of "good" fats. Then it provides targeted strategies and nutritional guidelines to correct those imbalances, along with meal plans, tasty recipes, and inspiring case histories. Using amino acids to jump-start the program, readers create a safe, customized, easy-to-follow plan to end their food obsessions and attain their ideal healthy weight for good.

Reader's Thoughts


Good for anyone who has ever been on a diet...

Gala Balaguer

Skip the explanations that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are good for you. This book assumes that the reader already knows health foods from junk foods. With the help of self-assessments, this book addresses deeper concerns: hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances, and sugar imbalances. It guides the reader through the domain of supplements to create a personalized wellness plan. Upon reviewing it with a dietitian, I have a sustainable plan that supports optimum health. Interesting to see what the upcoming days will hold!


Surprisingly fantastic, except for being too long, and repetitive. The core message here, of certain deficiencies, and the need to supplement with amino acids (and eat protein at every meal), is sound. Also the descriptive accuracy of what lots of people see as "diets" is probably correct: i.e. they starve themselves, which adds weight. Also, not all calories are created equally, which seems obvious. I'm increasingly of the opinion that food augments one's mental state a great deal, and I'll read the Mood Cure too, even though I expect it to be mostly the same material.


Amino acid therapy to feel better/lose weight/be healthier...8 different possible "imbalances" of the body are identified and addressed.

Tracy Kendall

Really helpful book, I've lost a lot of weight just by adding the amino acids she recommends. This is really a thorough coverage of the whole complexity of weight/mood/nutrition/addiction/depression, but easy to read (you only read the sections that pertain to your own issues). I highly recommend it.


Informative book about finding balance through natural supplements. I'm not sure if I subscribe to everything the author writes, but I found it educational and am trying some new supplements myself.


This book is jam packed with tons of information. I had to read it several times to absorb enough. It basically talks about how to adjust your body with amino acids and fixing your diet for optimal health. There are some dietary points that I do not agree with, but this is a great reference book that I keep handy. I recommend it for anyone who feels that they could be healthier or who has a nagging problem that could possibly be fixed through diet.

Gwendoline Van

A reminder that you are what you eat, Julia Ross takes a refreshing look at vitality and health through the lens of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and whole foods. Instead of lambasting those of us who succumb to the temptation of potato chips and ice cream as devoid of will power, she asks us to explore why we are drawn to those foods and what our bodies might be trying to tell us. In all likelihood, your body craves fat, the good kind, and Ross explores lifelong, sustainable solutions to wellness.Out with the low-calorie, starvation mindset, Ross echoes what so many of the pro-food, traditionalists out there seem to be saying: whole grains (light on the gluten), unprocessed meats, oceanic fish, loads of fresh veggies, and plenty of healthy fats (olives, nuts, avocados) for a life of steady blood sugar, steady weight, and disinterest in all things sweet and starchy. To get us there, Ross proposes a plan of supplements and vitamins meant to address deficiencies--the result of years of dieting and poor nutrition--and to calm cravings while we build up a habit of eating quality foods. Given all the recent hooplah about supplements and vitamins being nothing more than placebos, I am curious to see if downing l-glutamine will help come the 4 PM chocolate craving.All in all, this is a breath of fresh air. Instead of weigh-ins, calipers, and abiding by the size 0 model, Ross shows us that pinching an inch is actually normal and healthy, and that loading up on healthy fats and meats (eggs!!) actually helps with weight maintenance and self-esteem. So, read this if you want to go to the source of the problem, curing the self-doubt and digestive malaise that is the result of years of trying to look like Twiggy ... when, really, you've been a Marilyn all along.

Jennifer Jaynes

This book literally changed my life. Although I don't consider myself to be a chronic dieter, I HAVE suffered from horrible depression throughout my adult life. This book helped me easily create a regimen of amino acids that are helping to rebuild my serotonin and endorphin levels. The crazy thing is that I began to feel better almost instantly.I'm actually online buying copies for my mom and friends for Christmas.I HIGHLY recommend for anyone suffering from depression. The Diet Cure


Wonderful book that looks at nutritients and food as the building blocks for our biochemisrty, which they are. Also very hands on tho help you make changes to move away from cravings, candida and many other common digestive ailments.


I liked this. Some actually new-to-me information, mostly around supplements and amino acids. Most of the food recommendations were pretty similar to paleo / primal recommendations, which I liked. Overall, the main supplement protocol seems designed to help you into that method of eating without going through the crazy sugar / carb withdrawal, but there's also additional advice for people who deal with other metabolic conditions like adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, and hormonal imbalances.

Stacey Franklin

An older book (1999) so outdated in some advice (eg. no distilled vinegar or oats for celiacs) but a worthwhile read nonetheless. Main premise is that you can acheive your " natural" weight by dropping the habit of dieting and instead balancing your hormones & correcting any amino acid deficiencies - some pretty cool case studies & what looks like well documented science. Especially helpful for anorexics, bullimics, yo-yo dieters, vegetarians or vegans, pre- or menopausal women - hey, that's damn near everybody! I have a couple of bones to pick, though.1. "Natural weight" hmmmmm, sounds vague. What if my natural weight is something gargantuan that I cannot live with?2. We should all be eating a minimum of 2100 calories daily, preferably closer to 2500?!? (As long as they're from quality, whole food sources) Wow! A seductive theory, but who the hell is brave enough to try that one out & risk the weight gain?!? Maybe I'll try it out this winter & hide beneath a giant parka if I explode. Let ya know.3. I do NOT want to get to the point where I no longer desire coffee & chocolate!!! If I wanted to be some ascetic fanatic...well I DON'T! No, I don't want to shovel in a bag of Milky Ways every day (never happened ;P ) but a small piece of dark chocolate & a few cups of half-caff are a few of the glories of life!!! Hopefully I can retain these small vices & still rock a hot bod (probably not) - either way it's not worth it!


This author will be speaking at the Weston A. Price Convention in November 2012. I am looking forward to meeting her and hearing more about her applied wisdom.


The end of food-craving? I doubt it but very interesting. Based on 10 years of clinical results. My crunchy California daughter recommended it and it does make sense.


This book saved me.After months of a strict low/no fat vegan lifestyle topped off with 10 days of the Master Cleans my body was MESSED UP. I came off the cleanse with out of control cravings and immediately gained 15lbs OVER the weight I started the cleanse at, not to mention that I was a weepy, grouchy b!!ch. I could not stop eating handfuls of nuts, pieces of chocolate, cheesecake etc.. - especially at night - to save my life. I heard Julia speak on a podcast and checked her book out from the library. Following the advice within has completely changed me around. Now I don't follow her recommendations to a T, nor did I buy every supplement that she suggests. Her book is seperated by chapeter for different issues, so I picked out the symptoms that were my issues and followed the recommendations for those - eating every 2-3 hours with a bit of protein to keep blood sugar stable and taking HTP supplements at noon and night to fight night time eating and sugar cravings. Thats it! And it worked. Without any effort! I don't crave sugar at all unless I let my self get really hungry and I completely quit eating after dinner. This is from someone that had to have "a little something sweet" after dinner for the last 10 years. This book will help you by nutralizing your cravings so that you can actually STICK to a diet. I used to always feel like a failure while trying to white knuckle my self through the latest diet trends but now I see why I could never do it. My brain chemistry was so out of balance by eating SAD fare that my body would demand that I eat certain things in attempt to balance me out.Highly recommended.

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