The Dragon at War

ISBN: 0441166113
ISBN 13: 9780441166114
By: Gordon R. Dickson

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About this book

Jim Eckert is "The Dragon Knight". A 20th-century professor transported to an alternate medieval England, he gains the ability to transform himself into a dragon. In a land where magic is the rule, not the exception, the Dragon Knight must battle powerful sea serpents.

Reader's Thoughts

Fredrick Danysh

Jim and Angela are transported from 20th century America to a 14th century Europe in a alternate universe. Jim has magical skills and can transform into a dragon. When the French threaten to invade England with the help of sea serpents, he along with a giant and two fellow knights set out to locate the sorcerer who is behind the sea serpent aid to the French and stop him.


My other most favourite book in the series. I absolutely love the characters, plot, and writing!


Not nearly as fun as the original.


This is an awesome book! It keeps you flipping pages until there isn't any pages left to flip! Can't wait to read the next in the series!

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