The Edge of the Bed: How Dirty Pictures Changed My Life

ISBN: 0316688495
ISBN 13: 9780316688499
By: Lisa Palac Susie Bright

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About this book

Lisa Palac charts her dizzying course from midwestern Catholic schoolgirl to anti-smut crusader to sex-positive feminist and cutting-edge pornographer. Along the way, she explores the liberating effects of pornography, the eroticism of religion, the unprecedented sexual honesty created by cyberspace and the persistent myths about masculinity and femininity. She asks the questions so many women - and men - have asked themselves, such as: Why do sexual desires and sexual politics rarely agree? What makes danger so appealing? And is there too much sex in pop culture or just too much sexual hypocrisy?

Reader's Thoughts

Christina Marie Rau

I don't think The Edge of the Bed is erotica though that's its category in several online bookstores. It discusses erotica, and is incredibly explicit, but those are anecdotes of a total picture. The picture is Palac's life. She's a writer and editor and has devoted her working life to developing a safe haven for erotica for women. She believes that women have a sexual side that should be celebrated. Showing off sexuality is not anti-feminist. Being a sexual person does not equate to being a deviant. Ah, if only my students knew that she writes about butt plugs in her other writings, perhaps they'd be more motivated to read her one-page essay.

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