The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program

ISBN: 1566194024
ISBN 13: 9781566194020
By: Stanley D. Frank

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About this book

A system that works; a book that keeps selling. Since 1959, the Evelyn Wood Program of Dynamic Learning has been successfully employed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, helping them break free of the self-imposed shackles that hinder learning. By teaching us to tap the natural power of the mind, the Evelyn Wood method helps us to dramatically increase reading speed, retain more of what we hear and read, improve comprehension and develop our powers of concentration. In just minutes, you'll notice a real difference in your reading speed, and in succeeding chapters of this seven-day program you'll get the secrets of effective note-taking, find tips for instantly improving your writing, and much more.

Reader's Thoughts


It seemed to take me forever to get through this book!Haha, only joking.Seriously, it does seem to give a fairly clear overview of the basics of the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading program (which I had never heard of before I saw this book in Goodwill or wherever it was). It seems to be aimed primarily at students reading text books for courses. The initial stages really could be summarised very quickly and are simple common sense steps anyone can easily pick up on their own, but the later stages really need more guidance from a live person, it is possible some people could teach themselves from this book, but on the whole it seems like a teaser to get people interested in the eleven products available to buy on the website ( if you are interested) or the classes (details also available on the website).

Nate Cahoon

I'm trying to implement the disciplines prescribed in this text, both in the course of ordinary reading and in a course I'm taking. I appear to be getting good results, but I'll withhold final judgment until sufficient data is available to warrant it. In the meantime, I've assigned this middle-of-the-road rating.


Helpful but it still takes a lot of practice to master the techniques.

Sebastian Cosgrove

Did not improve my reading skills...maybe it's me.


تحسين مهارة القراءة السريعه لتمكنك من قراءة أكبر عدد ممكن من الاحرف فى الدقيقه الواحدة ، طرق بسيطه لتنمية المهارة فى البرنامج الموجود بالكتاب وامثله متنوعه نصائح


It helped, but didn't work as well as it described.

Ambrose Miles

The system really works! I increased my words per minute reading time. Perhaps I'll finish books as fast as I did this one, but then this book was an easy read. The book is geared more for the student in a school learning environment, than for the armchair reader as it's biggest component is the learning program. Still, an over all good and useful book.


I have always considered myself to be a slow reader and have always wanted to improve my speed. I once had a professor who had taken the Evelyn Wood program and could read through his students' research papers at an amazing speed. Because I did not want to spend a lot of money taking the actual class, I decided to give this book a try. Although I cannot read with the speed that others have attained by taking the class, I have to admit that this book has allowed me to increase my speed somewhat. This book describes how to prepare yourself for reading, make your environment conducive to reading, and use hand movements to aid in gaining speed, as well as other techniques. One thing that I discovered is that by reading faster, my mind is forced to concentrate more, and therefore I do not find my thoughts wandering as much as they used to do. If you are interested in increasing your reading speed or comprehension, I suggest giving this book a try.


Wouldn't that be super-rad to get a fat book and rip through it in 20 minutes? There is so much to read out there and so little time! Now, with Evelyn Wood's help, you can have time to read everything! EVERYTHING!!!I read it and tried the concepts for awhile and . . . (sigh) I am still a slow reader. I did read it before law school, (where by necessity I learned the power of "skim"), so I might be better at it if I tried again.

Tedwood Strong

Can't really say that it works extremely well for comprehension, but I finished it in two hours.


I think the book does help you improve your reading in a faster way but you still need to work on it to get to the point where you will be able to read faster. I did get some good tips out of the book. But, I think the more you read any book the faster you will get anyway.


The speed reading probably takes some (a lot?) practice to achieve, but the studying advice is pretty good. Also it's funny how every success story in every chapter contains a paid instructor that helps the subject to achieve it's goal, it's almost like they are trying to send a message that you can't do it on your own. ;)

Frank Pentimone

A Must Read for any reader, why not read faster, this doubled my speed. I want to read it again and see if I can go faster. It's been working since the 50's so that says something


Many helpful tips, although probably nothing you won't get from most books on speed-reading or study techniques. Adler & Van Doren's 'How to Read a Book' is still the best one around.


hmmm it has some useful advices but it is not really a program, it tells you that you need a month of practice but doesnt give u a custom program or schedule or anything to help you to move on after you finish reading the book. Also it tells you that the best way to reach the maximum speed in through vertical reading, but again the author didn't explain this technique and how to achieve it! Finally, some of the examples given are not logical, how can a student who have never tried this technique at high level reach a speed of 5000 wpm in less than a week?!

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