The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New, 1950-1984

ISBN: 0393302040
ISBN 13: 9780393302042
By: Adrienne Rich

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Reader's Thoughts


rich isn't my favorite poet. she's good but tries too hard sometimes to be a poet (especially a political poet).


You know, it's always difficult to check the box on a book of poetry that says that I "read" it. Can you ever really say that you're "done" with a poet like Adrienne Rich?I come back to this collection often for how clever it is--sharp words about soft subjects, like love and longing. My favorite poem of hers will always be "Storm Warnings," which you should Google on a rainy day.Focused on the 1970s--"Diving into the Wreck" may have given me an epigraph for my thesis! Unbelievably good.


one of her best - in my opinion, the height of her talent


Mad But Magic YA Blogfrom “Transcendental Etude”No one who survives to speaknew language, has avoided this:the cutting-away of an old force that held herrooted to an old groundthe pitch of utter loneliness


A great collection. A great place to start w/ Rich if no one made you read her in school.


I don't really know about poetry, so I just read this through like a regular book. How are you supposed to read books of poetry? Like slowly one at a time with long contemplative pauses? Idk.


This book is a great read!


Δε θεωρώ πως η ποίηση, ιδιαιτέρως η ποίηση, μπορει να βαθμολογηθεί ή να κριθεί. Ξέρω όμως ότι λατρεύω τη Rich. Ξέρω πως όλοι πρέπει να γνωρίσουν το έργο αυτής της μοναδικής δημιουργού. Ξέρω πως εγω διαβάζοντας την έγινα πλουσιότερη σε σκέψεις, συναισθήματα, συμπεράσματα.Μοναδικές στιγμές!!!!!

Andrea Woodacre

My favorite poet- if you have never read her poetry start out with "Living in Sin" or "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning" (also, you should read Donne's poem with it since it is a response to his)... Rich's language is so beautiful and poignant, and rich with meaning (no pun intended haha) you won't be able to stop reading her poetry. Her poem topics range from personal experiences and battling with her sexuality to world issues. A must read.

Amy Sawyer

I have read some Adrienne Rich before and I remember liking her, but I am so glad she was on my reading list this term. She is now on my list of favorite poets.


In this book the reader can witness the evolution of the work of a master poet. Not to be missed.


Much better than I expected. I particularly enjoyed "Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law," Rich's take on Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."


This is a great collection of poetry. I've read through it several times. Different poems reach out to me each time. I'm constantly trying to loan it out to share with people.


If you haven't experienced Adrienne Rich's poetry before, you're really missing out....but be prepared...her poetry is anything but light reading. She addresses politics, history, women's rights, the relationships between people, and other pressing issues of today. I love her...I keep this book by my bed so that she's the last thing I read every night.

Jennifer Harris

okay really. huge influence. i've read every drop written by her.

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