The Fall of the Imam

ISBN: 0863563961
ISBN 13: 9780863563966
By: Nawal El Saadawi Sherif Hetata

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About this book

Written by Egypt's leading feminist writer, this book reveals the underlying hypocrisy of a male-dominated religious state, and raises awareness of the insufferable predicament of women in a society.

Reader's Thoughts


As much as I wanted to like this, I just couldn't get into it. Maybe something was lost in translation, the back cover was full of glowing reviews, but I found myself not wanting to read it, bored by it. Shame.

Stephanie Scelza

crazy, i didn't really get it.


selama ini gw kira Nawal El Saadawi itu cowo........

Maryam Same Same

وصلت صفحه 50 وما قدرت اكملها ممله ولا فهمت شي من احداثها ما حبيتها


I wonder whether I had expected too much from this book!

Noha Hussein

من أغرب ما قرأت.. برغم ما فيها من أفكار تشبهني.. عندما كنت طفلة ذات السبع سنوات كنت أتخيل الصراع بين الخير و الشر هو الصراع بين الله و الشيطان و قدرة إنتصار كل منهم على الآخر في معارك تكمن فقط في نفسي و كنت أسمع تلك الصراعات على شكل "هاتف" يأمرني بفعل أشياء عديدة لا تخلو من روح المغامرة. و كنت أتخيل صوت الله في صوت أمي.. و كنت أخاف أمي كأني أخاف الله. أعجبت بتلك الرواية إلى حد ما.. برغم أنها أرهقتني نفسيا.. فهي تشبه تلك الكوابيس التي أعاني منها إلى حد كبير.

Darmaila Wati

This book is about a strugle of a woman ( Zakiyah) againsts a tyrant (Umdah) and a bad system to get her self esteem and existence.

Ashraf Saad

من هو الإمام ؟شخصية الإمام هنا إسقاط غير مباشر على شخصية الرئيس السادات . . حيث أن الإمام هنا هو رمز لزوبان السلطة السياسية فى السلطة السماوية . . عندما يتقمص الحاكم شخصية الإله . . ويعتقد أنه حاكم الأرض والسماء .الرواية صودرت ومنعت وسجنت بسببها د.نوال السعداوىالرواية جريئة ورائعة وتستحق القراءة

Presley Abdul

I am struggling so much right now. While I tried my best to love this novel, I don't think I did. I struggled with the rating of three starts because I WANT it deserves more but I don't think it deserves a higher rating. This novel is very experimental in the way it's written to the point where it confuses the reader. It constantly shifts between third and first person perspectives of different characters in a span of one paragraph and I could never keep track of who is talking. Some of the stories being told were never completed or she would come back to them chapters later only to find that I have forgotten who these people are. However, that being said, I do believe this novel has a lot of great thought put behind it; there would be times where I would be ululating in joy because of how the novel accurately describes the dangerous mixture between patriarchy and religion. Nawal provides great insight about how patriarchal men have used religion to disempower and control women, children, and even other men. I will definitely not give up on Nawal El Saadawi because I do believe she is a power to be reckoned with so I will definitely be reading her other novels hoping that they are not as experimental or perhaps even as badly written as this one.


! يا للغفلهلقد كنت أصطاد فأرا ً وأنا أحسبه قط ؟ممله

Faizah Roslaini

Saya tidak dapat 'tangkap' kesemuanya, tetapi saya sukankan 'Jatuhnya Sang Imam' sebab ia memberikan saya idea tentang kemungkinan-kemungkinan nasib wanita dalam sebuah distopia negara agama. Ada satu persamaan dalam distopia, hampir semua menghalang kebebasan berpendapat, terutama yang berbeza dengan apa yang dianggap mainstream.Kata-kata saya terbatas untuk menggambarkan 'Jatuhnya Sang Imam', jadi untuk ulasan yang baik tentang novel ini bolehlah lihat pada pautan di bawah, oleh Phillip Womack,


aku bingung baca buku ini..alur nya melompat-lompat, tokoh yang berubah-ubah. terlalu banyak kata-kata yang bersayap yang membuat cerita jalan cerita jadi sulit di mengerti. evenly I get the point of this book...but I can't enjoyed it :(


This novel is a bit difficult to understand since it was translated for an English speaking audience from the original language. It is full of imagery that is used by the author to show the paradox that is the imam's life. Sadawi writes about the religious scriptures the imam uses to justify his public and private personas. The imam abuses his position to dominate men, women and children - even to the point of believing he himself is God. Difficult read and a book that might have to be read twice for better understanding.

Alaooy Al-Azawi

هلوسة أله و مجتمع كامل

Nunu Azizah

Buku terjemahannya saya dapat di Book Fair bulan lalu dan ceritanya sangat feminis. Menguak sisi-sisi iblis dalam seorang Imam (orang yang dipandang terpandang secara agama dan kekuasaan. Ditulis dengan bahasa yang indah dan tersirat.

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