The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla

ISBN: 0932813194
ISBN 13: 9780932813190
By: Nikola Tesla David Hatcher-Childress

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About this book

This book is a readable compendium of patents, diagrams, photos and explanations of the many incredible inventions of the originator of the modern era of electrification. In Tesla's own words, are such topics as wireless transmission of power, death rays, and radio-controlled airships. In addition rare material on German bases in Antarctica and South America, and a secret city built at a remote jungle site in South America by one of Tesla's students, Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi's secret group claims to have built flying saucers in the 1940s and to have gone to Mars in the early 1950s! Incredible photos of these Tesla craft are included. The Ancient Atlantean system of broadcasting energy through a grid system of obelisks and pyramids is discussed and a fascinating concept comes out of one chapter that the Egyptian engineers had to wear a protective metal head-shields while in these power-plants, hence the Egyptian Pharoah's head covering as well as the Face on Mars! Tons more.

Reader's Thoughts

Situationist 95

This is a very hard Read But for the things that Make Sense Its Worth it. I dont know anything about Science But i really did enjoy this book. Tesla RULES!

Spicy T AKA Mr. Tea

Just got done with this. the first third or half is pretty interesting. Biographical sketch of tesla coupled with some of his own papers regarding his AC power system and schematics of some of his inventions was pretty interesting. Some of it, in fact, far too detailed to understand, but i appreciate it coming from him. The second half of this book or maybe the last third, sucks. It gets boiled down to a kind of conspiracy theory/sci-fi jumble where the editor basically shoots his mouth off and makes some wild conjectures with no proof. Further, the last 2 chapters seemed to be more about conspiracies of time travel and interplanetary travel regarding marconi and his limited exposure to tesla--that isn't cited so i'm skeptical--and marconi's inventions! ahhhh what a horrid way to end a book. Crap. I'd say, go read the papers of tesla and leave the sci-fi/conspiracy garbage where it belongs: fiction.


This book is amazing. Tesla, the original mad scientist, is depicted through his lectures, newspaper articles and other accounts. He was the creator of AC (alternating currents) elecricity which we still use today. Electromagnetics, Earth as a huge capacitor, death rays, UFOs, it's all here. It borders on metafiction in its accounts of his later experiments and modern mysterious phenomena. Part of a series, I definitely plan to read more.


The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla is filled to the brim with great source material that includes some of Tesla's speeches, articles about him from his life time, patents and diagrams, and interviews with his contemporaries.Due to the dating of some of the concepts and the language it can be a difficult read at times, but overall enjoyable and informative. It gives a better understanding of some of the concerns of the period and I absolutely adored the transcripts of Tesla's speeches.


Very informative, but not interesting reading.


Completely horrible book. I have no idea how anyone could have liked it. In many parts it is unreadable photo copies. The story line is meandering and repetitive. I am not sure how someone was paid money to produce it.


Learn about his concepts. Free energy, mind control (for realz). He was the maddest scientist ever.


Essentially a lecture by Nikola Tesla which is great but lacks the visible component which would have existed at lecture which makes visualizing what is being described a challenge. A good number of pictures but still a challenge in some cases.

Lucas Hargis

The narrative was mainly drawn from lectures Tesla gave. So, we get to hear his thoughts in his own words. The addition of patent illustrations and photos were a nice touch. There are even excerpts of court proceedings wherein Tesla was the defendant.The end of the book gets weird and creepo. Apparently the 'author' draws conclusions about secret societies, UFOs, and visits to Mars...This was a huge leap from where the book began.This is NOT a biography of Tesla. I'm still on the lookout for a solid one of those.

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