The Fantastical Adventures of the Invisible Boy

ISBN: 0746060416
ISBN 13: 9780746060414
By: Lloyd Alexander

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About this book

A riotousy funny and deeply personal story of wonder, discovery and friendship, full of eccentric characters and fantastical adventures, by one of America's best-loved authors. When David falls ill his tough old Aunt Annie offers to tutor him, and he soon grows fond of The Gawgon, as he nicknames her because of her resemblance to the terrifyuing Gawgon Medusa of Greek myth. Together they embark on exciting imaginary adventures rescuing King Tut's treasure, scaling mountains and outwitting master criminals.

Reader's Thoughts


I read this book aloud to my 8 year old daughter - there were several bits that I thought were too mature for her (fortunately she missed them!), I'd probably recommend for a 10-12+ years old. It was also better as a read-aloud because I could then explain concepts she wasn't familiar with. Set during the Depression, David (Boy) became ill and his doctor recommended that he not return to school for a substantial period of time. He was tutored by one of his grandmother's boarders, an elderly lady whom he formed a good bond with, and as well as providing him with a wonderful education, she helped him transition parts of growing up. There was one part that brought my sensitive daughter to tears, and it arose rather unexpectedly, so pre-reading might be advisable.I've also read this author's series "Chronicles of Prydain", which we might try together in the next year or two.


Great to read some Lloyd Alexander with an autobiographical element. It made it all the sweeter.

Don Gubler

Pretty good, could it be semi-autobiographical?

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