The Federalist & Anti Federalist Papers

ISBN: 9562912132
ISBN 13: 9789562912136
By: Alexander Hamilton James Madison John Jay

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About this book

THE FEDERALIST PAPERS Read the latest edition of an American classic: The Federalist Papers. Including all 85 original articles arguing on behalf of the United States Constitution, The Federalist Papers is a "must read" for any history buff, anyone interested in political science, and for those interested in issues relating to individual vs. governmental rights. Famous authors include: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. Though first published in the 1700's, the timeless Federalist Papers remain a true philosophical gem even today. THE ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS Experience history come alive as you read the powerful political debates concerning the birth of the United States Constitution in the "The Anti-Federalist Papers," a compilation of articles by the passionate nay-sayers of centralized government. Including famous Anti-Federalist authors such as Patrick Henry, "Cato," and "Brutus," the political forum herein presented captures not only the ambiance of the 1700's, but these classic debates concerning individual rights and freedom are relevant to us still today.

Reader's Thoughts

Joel Brown

Even a general search for meaning in the US constitution is not complete without reading the arguments for or against its ratification. As I listen to individuals argue various constitutional issues (such as the 2nd ammendment) I always have to ask if they've read these papers. It seems that very few have. It's sad that in a pivotal time of collosal issues that face America that our citizens have such a shaky understanding of the fundamental laws that undergird all our legislative questions. Read it with a copy of the constitution and I promise you'll come away with a deeper understanding of the document.

Mitchell Thompson

I turned to this book during a final collegiate research project on the subject inequality. Wonderful piece of work and amazing insight into the works and minds of those for and against the US Constitution.


OK for a first read, but the whole book is necessary to really understand the debate

Joey Bredesen

Classic text.




First its a tough read when you know who's going to win the argument. Then theres all the inside baseball discussions and the Anti's complaining about everything: the terms of the pols are too short, they're too long, they should be forced out, they should stay in, the judicial branch is too weak, the judicial branch is too strong, the President will be the Senate's puppet, the President will be a tyrannical king, and hey where's the bill of rights.It's a miracle the Constitution ever passed. After 225 years the objections that still ring true are the fears the elasticity of the commerce clause would render the Congress vastly preeminent over the states and the judiciary would conspire to inflate its reach enervating the states as well.

Bonnie Carruth

My grandmothers gained the right to vote in 1920. One died in 1946, and one in 1947 and the voted in every election they were qualified to do so.


This is the sales presentation for our Constitution.


A must read for anyone who wants context about the making of the nation and the US Constitution.... it is a bit dry, however it is original material...


This is a good compilation of the more important Federalist Papers with some writings against adoption of the Constitution. I was struck by some of the common themes against: that it would lead to a government solely by and for elites, that the VP has nothing to do, that the VP would have a big influence in the Senate, and so on.


Read only if you want to understand American politics

Jacob Stubbs

So, as one might guess, the Federalist Papers are a foundation for understanding the American political system and founding. In my American founding class, we read both the Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers in dialogue with each other over various issues (representation was an especially gripping debate). The Anti-Federalists' thought is rather important for today's political scheme. Their critique of the judicial system, view of America forming classes, etc. are all interesting predictions. On the same token, the Federalists' defense and re-definition of Republics and such are also quite interesting. Overall, a must read for all who are interested in political science and/or the American government. Note that they're a hard read, given that they were originally newspaper articles.

John Yelverton

Anyone who doubts the genius of the founding fathers never read these papers.


Took two readings to absorb it well, but enjoyed it thoroughly. Viva Publius!


Am I a federalist? Am I an anti-federalist? I keep getting confused! :)

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