The First Stage Guitar Chord Chart: Learn How to Play the Most Commonly Played Guitar Chords!

ISBN: 0966771915
ISBN 13: 9780966771916
By: Chris Lopez

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About this book

This guitar chord chart is for the beginner who wants a simple and direct method to learn how to play chords on the guitar. There is no note reading or complicated theory to deal with. There are study notes and clearly illustrated fingering diagrams to help you on your way to playing chords to your favorite songs and some great exercises to get you going on your own songs. This guitar chord chart is clear and very easy to understand. Finally!, a learn to play guitar chord chart that offers you so much more! Includes 7 full chart pages of the most commonly played guitar chords! Now you can learn the most commonly played guitar chords! The ideal guitar learning chord chart for anyone who would like to quickly learn to play guitar! Includes lots of practice chord combinations! Learn to play guitar to rock 'n roll, country, blues, popular songs, etc., on an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and 12 string guitar. Clear, simple, and very easy to understand illustrations.

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