The Five Love Languages: Men’s Edition: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

ISBN: 1598590669
ISBN 13: 9781598590661
By: Gary Chapman

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About this book

You know you love her - but is she getting the message?  You bring your wife flowers but she'd rather just have a hug.  You buy tickets to a movie when she wants to sit and talk.  Tired of missed cues and confusing signals?  Dr. Gary Chapman reveals how different personalities express love in different ways.  In fact, there are five specific languages of love: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.  Ready for a richer relationship?  Begin the audio and dive in.  Because the only thing better than learning to speak her love languages is teaching her to speak yours!

Reader's Thoughts


I very much liked this book. It helped me find new ways to show love to my wife. I saw instant results by applying what I had learned from the book in my relationships with not just my wife but my whole family.

Joseph Draschil

Seems like one of those books that everyone needs to read.

Steve Luxbacher

I was recommended this book about a year into dating my wife. We were having communication problems and the relationship was going nowhere fast. This book saved our relationship, and through the knowledge contained in the book, our marriage continues to grow.


Some interesting concepts that can be applied to all sorts of relationships. I found the anecdotes too good to be true, but they got the point across so it all worked. I think that this book can be a big help to anyone, regardless of where he is in his relationship.


I read this book for one of my MFT classes, and I think that it is something that most individuals would benefit from. I recommend the other versions for their appropriate audiences (i.e., teenagers, etc.).


Married people who don't feel "in love" anymore will greatly benefit from reading this book. Seriously, if your marriage is struggling, it wouldn't hurt to read it. You'll better understand your spouse and yourself.


This book was pretty eye opening in the way we express our love to each other and how one person may be thinking they are expressing it but the other person still feels unloved. I really saw how I was lacking and why Kelly would get mad at me at times. It just is a completely different way of looking at this type of thing. I would recommend this to any person or couple who feels they are not being heard or loved. The other person might be trying to say I love you but you just can’t hear it.


My mother-in-law gave me this book. Good thing they have a men's edition that is not purple! I might not have ever opened the cover! I am very glad that I did. Great book for anyone in a relationship! This should be required reading for every student before they graduate high school.


I found great insight through this book. Funny that it only took 24 1/2 years for me to nail down my wife's love language. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their marriage.


I know what you're thinking... "Meg, are you, in fact... a MAN???" Nope. My brother-in-law just handed me a copy of his book (the "Men's Edition") a few weeks ago and told me to read it, that it would probably improve my marriage and understanding of my husband. And it did! It's a great book, and Chapman’s a genius. My main issue with it was redundancy. There doesn't need to be a whole book about this theory (much less several), the following paragraph would suffice:There are five major ways that people prefer to be loved: QUALITY TIME (going on a walk, having a meaningful conversation, enjoying an activity together, etc.), WORDS OF AFFIRMATION (vocally expressing an interest in them and their opinions, asking advice, giving compliments, etc.), RECEIVING GIFTS (bringing home flowers, picking up a little something "just because you were thinking of him/her," homemade presents and cards, etc.), ACTS OF SERVICE (washing the dishes or doing laundry for them, helping them with a project, going grocery shopping so they don't have to, etc.), and PHYSICAL TOUCH (holding hands, giving massages, play fighting, sex... but not JUST sex... everybody loves sex. Well, let me rephrase that, everyone WHO REGULARLY HAS AN ORGASM loves sex... but Chapman didn't say that, it's just my opinion--disregard it as part of this review). So there they are, the five love languages. Figure out which one is your partner's (hint: it'll be the one he or she is always nagging that you "never do"), then go out of your way to show love the way they WANT to be loved, not the way you want to love them.There it is, in a nutshell. It's an amazing theory that I think is mostly true and will work wonders in relationships. The book itself tends to make its point OVER AND OVER again... but now that you've read my paragraph, you won't need to invest the time!You're welcome.I hope Chapman doesn't sue me.


As much as the original 5 love languages was vague in many ways, this one makes more sense... it has more hands-on examples and underlines in a way that is UNDERSTANDABLE the differences between love (action) and love (in-love) and where to go from there.

Susan Waltke

A great book that help me to see that love is received in different ways and just because I feel loved one way others may not see it as love. I like to reference this book when to refresh my mind about how to show others love and how to identify what their love language is.

Giju Abraham

It's a book that I put off reading for a long time and I regret that decision. Gary Chapman so clearly brings out some essentials about love that will help every individual whether married or not. The book helps one think about the many experiences in life and then understand why things did not turn out too well. The author offers a number of relevant examples that we can relate to and also offers simple steps/actions that one can take to improve the quality of relationships.The book helps one realize what love actually is and that it involves work and is not just an emotional reaction. It also provides guidance on the words and actions that one can take in any relationship. There is also a questionnaire at the end of the book which will help you determine what your love language is; whether words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch or gifts.

Grayson Key

A great book for self-discovery that offers help and hope for the future. Chapman's perspective of love through the eyeglass of Scripture points out ingenious Truth that was there for us all along. Whether you are single or married, dating or divorced, this book will offer you tools to love and be loved better.


The book contains many great examples. This will make a difference in how well you understand the needs of those in your life.

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