The Five Love Languages of Teenagers

ISBN: 1881273393
ISBN 13: 9781881273394
By: Gary Chapman

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About this book

The Five Love Languages of Teenagers contains very practical guidance on how to express the teen's primary love language, how to teach them appropriate responsibility, and how to properly handle both parental and teen anger. It is a tangible resource for stemming the tide of violence, immorality, and despair engulfing many teens today.

Reader's Thoughts


I think this was a really helpful book to read - to try to understand my teenager a little better. I say try, because it's a constant battle. What I didn't like about the book is that most of the things that we battle over - the author relates it to their trying to be in control of their lives, and define themselves as their own person. While I value that, there are times when they still need to do things with their family, or what we ask - just because we ask them to.


This is the book I desperately needed, I see where I was doing things wrong by my son, without realizing it. Everyone with older children, my son is 11, needs to read this book. Our relationship is nowhere near perfect, but at least we are joking with one another again, and he's talking to me, and we are both listening. Not quite sure what his love language is, he still needs to take the quiz, I do have my thought as to which he is. A must read.


Thumbs up! I haven't read any other Chapman books, but understand the concept of the love languages. That being said, I believe this book is much more than a repeat of the same ideas. Teens are a uniquely challenging age! This book clearly outlines the mindset and goals of this stage of development and how it effects attitudes and responses. My role as a parent and their role as emerging adults change so dramatically during this age that I really appreciated the very practical ideas and specific ways to speak a language of love that can actually be received. What could be more important to speak that unique language of love into their hearts at a time when they are naturally moving away? I believe if we as loving parents fail to do this, there are other voices that will take our place to influence our children's hearts. It is not just a "how to" book. Those who are willing to "live out" what is outlined here will change their lives and the lives of their kids. One powerful concept that I learned was the idea of modeling to our teens "mercy". It does not mean rescuing them from consequences or waiving their responsibility, but walking with them through the consequences while accepting their feelings of disappointment & anger without judgment. It means allowing them to fail...with love. Easy to write, hard to do! God Bless all you parents of teens!

Tales Untangled

The original novel, The 5 Love Languages, introduces the idea that each person has a primary way in which they prefer to receive love.The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers is based on the same premise, but specifies different examples of how to show love that would be appropriately directed towards a teenager. The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers has a few good additions, but I felt like it was lacking ....To read the full review go to


When I first saw this book I was unsure what to expect. What does love languages mean? But after I started reading it, I discovered that it means a way to show love. Now I have always known that what works for one child might not work for another, but I had not realized that a parent might have to switch gears when a child becomes a teenager. It has helped me on my perception of my relationships with the many teenagers I come across as a high school teacher and as a parent.

Nancy Bandusky

This is an excellent resource for any parent who loves the teens in their lives enough to make sure they feel the love.It includes examples of ways to express the different love languages as well as a simple test for the teen to see which love languages "speak" to them the most.


Loved this book. If you have teens, you need this book. I read the first Love Languages and found it extremely helpful. This is basically the same but it goes into more detail of how to navigate the languages for the unique needs of your teen. For example, if your child's language is physical touch, how do you show that appropriately to your teenager. It helps you understand how best to show that love and then when to back off. I am planning on reading it again so the messages can really sink in.


I read the original 5 Love Languages book and really like the message of the book. I wasn't sure if this one had any more information from the original but it was really worth the read with great insight into the teenage brain. The bottom line is that with teenagers you really need to give them all 5 love languages. Best lesson learned...not to take it personal that they want/need their independence. I also had my girls go on-line and take Gary Chapman's test. The result was mostly what I thought but very interesting.

Carol Moore

If you have ever had counselling by a reputable counsellor, the information here is not new. However, it is related in such a way as to be amazingly applicable to how you relate to your kids. This book pulled me out of the fire helping me find alternatives for handling teen angst issues I might have handled less successfully otherwise. Must have for parents of teens. Should read it monthly at least. Not sure why I can't keep these concepts more closely at hand.


This book building upon the original while still being a separate read. That is, The Five Love Languages of Teenagers contains very specific and practical guidance on how to express the teen's primary love language, how to teach them appropriate responsibility, and how to properly handle both parental and teen anger. It is a tangible resource for stemming the tide of violence, immorality, and despair engulfing many teens today.


I think the points in here are interesting. I could pick out the love languages of my kids. I passed the book to one of my students. She was talking about what her parents do to show her they love her and how that's not what she wants. She would rather them do something else. It's a book relevant and if kids can see the connection I think it could be helpful. It's probably more for high school kids though. It's a concept I don't think most middle school kids think about.


Very good book for every parent of a teenager to help you understand how to make your child feel loved. These concepts are helpful in every relationship. It also helped me better understand some of the changes going on inside my sons as they grow up.


Great resource and reminder to show more love to my teenagers and in a way that they will appreciate most.

Amy Winkelman

I read Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages of Children when my kids were just children and I remember thinking why would I need a seperate book just for teenagers. Now that I have one teenager and one pre-teen, I get it. This book ( and quite frankly all of his books) was written in such a way that I didn't get bogged down in clinical terms. It is straight forward and gives you all the tools you need to speak your teen's love language to him.

Robyn Bowman

One of the most practical Parenting books i have read. A must for any parent of teenagers.

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