The Foxman

ISBN: 0140343113
ISBN 13: 9780140343113
By: Gary Paulsen

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About this book

A story of friendship and healing in Minnesota's wilderness. Written with the honesty and vividness of experience, The Foxman captures the qualities that have made Gary Paulsen one of the most popular and acclaimed writers for young adults.

Reader's Thoughts

Tanner Pettitt

I didn't like this book very much. it a story that kinda just rambles on and sometimes got better and others worse. I still think that other people should try to read it to see what they thank about the book.

Andrew Beckman

a good book

Timothy Haas


Christina Ayala

The Foxman (Gary Paulsen) was such a quick read! I breezed through it in less than a day It flowed well, contained survival elements, and little life lessons here and there. I wonder if Paulsen drew from his experiences when writing this since there are many similarities between the main character's situation ( I don't think the main character was named) and Paulsen's while growing up.


** spoiler alert ** the book was really good gary paulson is an amazing writerthe ending was sad when foxman died then he burned down the shed oh oh too bad


“The Fox Man”By: Gary Paulsenthis book review is on Gary Paulsen’s novel the “Fox Man”. This story is written in first person told by the main character who they never say his name. One day when he was running a trap line with his cousin, Carl, deep in the woods they stumbled across The Fox Man’s shack and this is when the friendship began with the boy and the Fox Man. Months later the boy is forced to make a hard decision that could determine if the Fox Man lives or dies. The book, The “Fox Man” is the best Gary Paulsen book that I have read, even better than the Brian series.The plot conflict of the book is the hard decision the boy is forced to make. The decision he is forced with is to decide whether to leave The Fox Man while he is very sick or to return to the farm so his family will not be suspicious of what is really happening. If he should tell them what is happening to the Fox Man they will not allow the boy to visit the Fox Man. The boy and his cousin had decided that the Fox Man was way out there alone in the woods because he did not want people to see him and his disfigured face. The Fox Man likes being out in the wilderness alone. He knows the woods better than anyone and he enjoys the solitude. I do not like the decision the boy is faced with because it was an emotional decision. I didn't like the decision the boy had to make because a 13 year old boy should not have to make a choice like this.The setting of the book takes place in Northern Minnesota either on the farm or in the woods at The Fox Man’s shack. The harsh weather conditions affected the ending of the story. The weather conditions played a huge role in developing the plot and the setting of the book. It also developed the mood of the novel. The theme of this book is about making sure you are making the right decisions for the best, no matter how terrible it may be. My opinion is that the book is a great book that no matter what part of the book you are reading, it keeps you interested to find out what is going to happen next. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good somewhat short story about adventure, friendship and growing up. It teaches lessons about making important decisions in life. If you enjoyed the Brian series books you will definitely enjoy Fox Man.


I had actually been reading this for a long time and finally finished it. I think Paulsen is an amazing writer; this isn't up to some of his other books I've read. But the stuff he writes about with the Foxman is quite touching, in ways that he doesn't get to in some of his other books.It's a book about growing up and figuring out what makes adults different from kids. And it's a book about winter and being out in the cold.


I didn't think much of this book when I read it, but my mind kept trying to figure out what it was trying to say about war and beauty. In the end was he saying that messing around and creating a child out of wedlock is the equivalent of war? That unprepared parents create war, kill beauty and innocence in their children by their selfishness?


It was Kinda Interesting But I didnt Really like it all that much but others might !!! :)

Taggart Bailey

I gave this book four stars because I really like it. I've read it before but I wanted to read it again so I did. It's about a boy who has parents that are alcoholics and are abusive. So because of that he goes to live with his different family. Him and his cousin trap in the woods by their home and one time go too far and find a shack where the Foxman lives. I like this book because I could relate to it. I can relate because I like being out in the woods and hunting and stuff like that. I would recommend this book for anybody to read.

Logan Boyce

I thought this was a pretty good book. It wasn't the most interesting book but enjoyable enough to finish. I enjoyed it because it was about the outdoors and how to survive it. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a love for the outdoors.

Bret QuickBear

Super cool book


I gave this book 4 stars because I liked it a lot. The main character is named Carl and he is with his cousin in the story. Carl is exploring the woods and gets lost in them him and his cousin keep going and come upon a shack way out in the forest. They see the foxman he welcomes them and then hides his face vary fast. They stay there for awhile and are wants to leave. Carl is vary cereous about what happened to the foxmans face. He visits the foxman many times. I like the whey they tell the story and how it is a shorter book. I like the book a lot.

Dakota Mcintosh

This is another great book by Gary Paulsen. Great book to use in the survival text set. It really discusses the hardships of war.


I give this book fiv star. the reasen i gave this book five stare because it realy capers ur atanshen. I like how it go form said so happy to said. It make u want to ceap reading. i dont like to read at all but i could not put this book down hope u like it.

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