The Game Maker’s Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners

ISBN: 1590596153
ISBN 13: 9781590596159
By: Jacob Habgood Mark Overmars

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Reader's Thoughts

Faisal Alburek

This book is a must if you wish to learn how to use game maker, as well as understanding some basic concepts of game design. The book is organized so that each three chapters you'll learn how to use game maker program, the forth all be a game design lesson based on what you did in the previous chapters. It is cleverly organized to help you grasp how to make games.


Examples are not compatible with GM:Studio, so you need to download GM 8.1.

Brent Call

I loved this!

John Orman

Really useful book for those using Game Maker to develop computer games. Lots of script examples that I was able to use in the game development class that I recently completed.

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