The Garden: A Parable

ISBN: 038549789X
ISBN 13: 9780385497893
By: Michael Roach Robert A.F. Thurman Michael Roach

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About this book

With The Garden, centuries of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom are brought to life for readers by one of its greatest Western teachers, Michael Roach. Through a parable in which a young man is brought into a mystical garden by a beautiful embodiment of Wisdom, Roach presents the pantheon of great Tibetan teachers. The nameless seeker lured to the garden meets the dominant historical figures who have contributed fundamental teachings to Tibetan Buddhism, such as Tsong Khapa, the first Dalai Lama, and Master Kamalashila. Unique among works of Buddhism now available, The Garden is destined to become a classic for its lucid revelation of the secrets of the Tibetan tradition and for the wisdom Geshe Michael Roach evokes.

Reader's Thoughts


I like the different approach to Buddhist teachings. Recommended, stick with it through the end.


as a newb to tibetan buddhism, this was very helpful for me! the parable format relieved the (completely self-imposed) pressure to learn learn learn! and allowed me to gain an appreciation for the flow of the story. surely a metaphor for enjoying the steps of the path while we're walking it.

Abhishek Gupta

A very beautiful way if conveying the core Buddhist teachings.


What can I say, yet another incredible book by Gesha Michael Roach.I really enjoy his writing style and this is a wonderful book about walking the spiritual path. It has a real touch to it, not like some books that make it seem like walking the spiritual path is this easy task.Go get yourself a copy today!

Mark W. Cole

This book has been very important to my spiritual development.

Karol K

Hard to stay with it at first. Glad I did. Found answers I was looking for. Hope you decide to read and stick with it. I found the chapter on death, of course, the most difficult reading.


All about karma and emptiness.


Wonderful ideas! (Though these ideas using a parable was distracting for me. Some concepts may have easier to present -- such as the humor or coompassion of enlightened beings -- but a lot of the dialogue seeded forced or choppy. Still, I liked reading it.)

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