The Golden Hour (Time-Travel Series, #1)

ISBN: 0810992167
ISBN 13: 9780810992160
By: Maiya Williams

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About this book

Thirteen-year-old Rowan and his eleven-year-old sister Nina, still bereft by the death of their mother the year before, experience an unusual adventure through time when they come to stay with their two eccentric great-aunts in a small town on the Maine coast.

Reader's Thoughts


One of my favorite books of all time. I first read this years ago, and I haven't forgotten it. I love it!


Fantasy time travel novel based around a brother and sister coming to terms with the death of their mother. An engaging story which finds the brother in revolutionary France which will appeal to lovers of historical fiction whilst the sister goes to visit her mother before she dies. How they both come to terms with living in the present without their mother is told gently and sensitively.


I really liked the time-travel premise, but I felt that the main character acted much younger than his stated age, and either needed a large injection of hormones, or needed his age dropped.


I picked this book up for $1 at my favorite local used bookstore. It was worth my dollar, and probably a little more. It's not going on my favorites shelf, but I did enjoy it. Then again, I like almost every book I read...


This is a book about a 13year old boy named Rowan, and his 11 year old sister Nina going on an adventure with their 2 aunts that have very different personalities. One of the aunt is mental, and the other aunt is very unaware. The four of them are on an adventure to find their dad who left them 5 years ago, because their mother's death 1 year ago. They have very little money, plus, they need to make sure that the aunts are safe because, on their way, they meet dangerous events. Rowan is a boy that is very brave, smart, and responsible. He knows how to keep the aunts and Nina safe, and he makes smart plans in the middle of the adventure. He reminds me of Mirri, in The Iron Ring because, Mirri made smart plans on the journey to help Tamar, just like Rowan.


~promising~I liked the cover when I bought this but I didn't expect the story to be moving! It was really amazing how each of the mystery revealed itself. A unique way to find out another world beyond our own. This book made me think of things I've never paid attention before like for example as the title itself says 'Golden Hour'. The few minutes where both the sun and the moon can be seen and when unexpected thing happen. I never paid attention to that. Also about the things we could lose in just a matter of seconds... time can be deceiving... but really can't.This book contains exhilarating adventure that can keep all the readers from shifting to another book.Two thumbs Up.


I happened to have this on my bookshelf from forever ago I guess. It's a little bit too young for me now, but it was a rather quick read and had some interesting bits of history.


Okay... only reason I picked it up was the main character's name is the same as my best friend's (Rowan).


This is another one of those books I grabbed before it even hit the shelf at my other job. It just looked good. And it sounded rather unique. And it was.This is a book that has a bit of something for everyone: time travel for the sci-fi lover, a place that can only be seen two hours out of a day (and the time travel) for fantasy lovers, lessons learned about life and self for the realist in us, and plain old fun and excitement for the rest. The very beginning might take some bearing with; while it peaks your interest and curiosity, it also at times seems slightly random and can leave you feeling a little lost. But hanging in there is definitely worth it. The story picks up quickly and then becomes hard to put down. And while I wondered briefly how on earth it would wrap up in time and not be destined for life as a serial, it did. And remarkably well at that. So, if you need some time out of your life, try this little time-hopping jaunt. It's sure to get you away.


the beginning was slow for me, but i loved the time travel piece! can't wait to delve into #2.

Jennifer Boyer

I loved it, and I'm overjoyed to see there are other books in the series. My 11 year old daughter loved it too.


I liked this story and thought overall it was a good read for middle graders. There were a few references I thought could have been left out or re-phrased to make it more appropriate for school children. ie: no sexual relations when time travelling. Also one character is referered to as Miss for several paragraphs and then as Mrs. and then back to Miss and I hate seeing mistakes like that in a book as it invalidates the story. The time travel in France is the most interesting part.

Susan Erhardt

Tweens who enjoyed the "Magic Treehouse" books when they were younger would probably enjoy this story. My 13-year-old really liked it and bugged me until I read it.


Fun quick little time-travel book, good for historical fiction fans. Rowan and his sister Nina are staying with aunts for a while, still grieving over the death of their mom a year ago, while their dad deals with his own problems. They meet Xavier and Xanthe, twins their age, while exploring an old abandoned hotel--which turns out to be a portal to another time! (Kinda reminded me of the movie Somewhere in Time, but not in the same romantic sense, just a cool old hotel with people from another era in it) When Nina goes off on her own through the hotel's "Alleviator" (an elevator that takes you to whatever day in history you choose), it's up to Rowan and the twins to follow her--straight into the French Revolution!

Kelsey Christensen

I started the audio version of this book, but the voice of the grandmother drove me absolutely crazy, so I switched over.

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