The “Great Gatsby” And “The Diamond As Big As The Ritz” (Collector’s Library)

ISBN: 1904919480
ISBN 13: 9781904919483
By: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Reader's Thoughts

Kristie Robillard

Sometimes I just don't understand why certain books/writers become famous and are considered "must reads". While I definitely enjoyed this work to "Tender is the Night", I just can't get behind it. I feel like there's almost something... But it just never quite gets there for me. The only emotion I had was at the end, but throughout I really couldn't care less about these boring, empty characters. Not only that, but I find Fitzgerald's writing style very choppy and hard to read. I was almost never clear on who was talking and who the narrator was referring to throughout. Disappointing, because I was expecting more mystery and depth to both the characters and the story.

Bethany Dekoning

His writing is very choppy, it's hard to follow at times.


Began this book about two weeks ago, finished it tonight (Jan 22, 2013) - it is not the longest read ever but it is quite enjoyable. Really didn't see what, if any, ending this would have, but it is wrapped up nicely and somewhat shockingly.I've started to call everyone and everything "old sport". There's really nothing that can be said about this book that hasn't been said already. So read it, enjoy it or don't. I did. Take care.

Christina Boodhan Juras

I just don't get it.... They compared this to Rules of Civility but I don't really know how they compare.


I love this book. Maybe it isn't love and instead a tender curiosity. I have yet to see the movie in fear that I will be highly disappointed. Good read.

Jto The

Re-read the Great Gatsby, and reminded of how incredible of a book it is. Ironically, we live in a vapid generation that may not like the book for the way it portrays them, the extravagant parties, the low morals, constant search of pleasure, fake personas and vapid friendships. Not only is his writing style fantastic, and he has a way with words, but the story itself is sublime. Well crafted to show how the choices we make affect our lives, and cause us to think of the life we are leading. In the end, the parties give way to a realization of the uselessness of it all, the fake friends they bought, and how living in the past to follow an ideal is foolishness. I love the perspective of a wise and flawed observer in the midst of people who pretend to be someone else. A fantastic read, and well worth the 2-3 hours needed to read it all the way through.


I really liked The Great Gatsby. My favourite of the short stories were The Lees of Happiness and Financing Finnegan.


a) The Great GatsbyThe first 60 pages were too slow for me that I nearly gave up. NEARLY. Because I hate leaving a book unread halfway. I struggled quite a bit but Chapter 4 onwards, it started to pick up & I'm like "NOW we're talking!"Nick, the narrator, was excellent. I felt like I was with him witnessing every event unfolding in front of me. For Gatsby, I love him. It's unfortunate that he was delusional & there were times when I just wanted to yell, hug, do whatever to wake him up to stop what he was doing. I have a love-hate relationship with Tom. I certainly didn't like him but strangely enough, there's a softer side to him which I adored. Daisy was just a pitiful wreck in this story but I hated her in the end.b) The Diamond As Big As The RitzThis was a fast-paced story. Generally, it transitioned from one scene to another quite smoothly. If I was John, of course I'd love living in that place. But the story unfolded shockingly for me & I'm like "Okay, this is one fucked up family."There is an Afterword and it's always nice to read the real meaning behind Fitzgerald's stories. His works are inspired by his life & experiences, which I can only imagine what he went through while he was still alive.


The Great Gatsby was my favourite book ever. The other stories are great, very well written.

Steve Goodyear

Fitzgerald makes beautiful sentences which drew me in and were a pleasure to read. He also told an interesting story with very interesting characters, none of which were predictable. I really enjoyed this book.

Alicja LaszczyƄska

Fantastic! Extremely depressing, though foreseeable, ending...

Michelle Johnston

The Great Gatsby is a story based in the 1920s in New York City after the war. The main character Nick moves to NYC and lives next door to the wealthy and much talked about Jay Gatsby who is mostly known for his wild parties and other unfounded rumours that surround the rich and famous. The story is based around Nick and a group of young men and women he meets and their life and love affairs.I had to really try to envisioned how it must have been in those times because the book didn't describe in enough detail to paint a proper picture of the characters and the story. I never felt a full connection and bond with Nick or the other characters and I found the affairs and stories hard to follow and the attempt at a love story lacklustre and unconvincing. I think because of all the hype with this book being made into a movie I expected more from it and was left quite disappointed. I recommend this book to American history enthusiasts in particular the 1920s and 1930s era.


While "The Great Gatsby" itself was interesting, I found it hard to get through the other short stories included at the end. The themes that seemed to be unique to Gatsby, were repetitively used in almost all the short stories, and took the charm of Fitzgerald's main work away, for me. However, there were a few funny moments and flashes of inspiration, and overall made for a pleasant read.

Katie Bullock

So it turns out that you have to read it again to realize ITS FRIGGIN BRILLIANT. I'm loving teaching it, and the kids are glued too.

Avtar Priyadarshan

"One of the finest novel of the 21st century", this is what they said. Surely they were no nincompoops and i picked this book. A small read of around 150 pages but nonetheless entertaining. The message i got from this book is that all the people in this world are selfish and the ones who are not, people think them to be mad or crooked for they cant fathom that good people can even exist.

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