The Handbook Of Sailing

ISBN: 0679740635
ISBN 13: 9780679740636
By: Bob Bond

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Reader's Thoughts

David Buchannan

An excellent reference manual for the old hand and a wonderful jumping off point for the new sailor. The material is presented in s clear, concise, and straightforward manner, but more importantly it's presented in a logical format. Plenty of clear illustrations throughout.

Daniel T.

If you could only have one book on how to sail, this should be it. I used to have dozens of books on how to sail, but over the years I have had to jettison them to lighten my load, but this one is a keeper.

Samantha Triduum

I was in love with this book (which I took out from the library). It had a sort of finesse to sailing. I, being a sailor, related to the different texts. It was very informative but in some instances it wasn't as fulfilling with the totality of the description and diagrams but then again some things can only be shown on a real boat!

Nick Wallace

Having never sailed myself, much less been aboard a boat with more than a motor, I've always wanted to cross the ocean on a masted ship. This book gives the basics and some advanced technique, in addition to helpful bits about the nuts and bolts of boats and the physics involved with putting them in motion. If what the other reviews I've seen are true, the only thing truly missing from this book is practical experience (and probably an apprenticeship).


Great illustrations coming from a visual learner. Z


This was the first book in my sailing library, and it helped get me back into sailing after a 15 year absence. I had no sailing knowledge when I picked up this book - only one weekend spent on a sailboat as a child - but I knew most of the basics when I finished it. This book not only taught me the fundamentals of sailing, but it also reminded me how much I loved and missed it.


Great book, but perfect reference book forever.

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