The Heidi Chronicles and Other Plays

ISBN: 0679734996
ISBN 13: 9780679734994
By: Wendy Wasserstein

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Reader's Thoughts


The Heidi Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite plays. The writing is smart, witty and touching.


Thoughts to come on my blog (if I can articulate them...)


Only read "The Heidi Chronicles" - although some parts are certainly dated, it's amazing how the struggle to have it all is still completely ongoing today - there is no one right answer for how to balance your life. Wasn't as inspiring of discussion as I want most bookclub books to be.


i really like all three of these plays. wasserstein had such a unique voice and she is evocative of her time.


It was entertaining, but I found most of the characters to be obnoxious and annoying.


I felt as if she was speaking to me throughout all three plays. She writes about the modern woman in an engaging personal way, no preaching, no hitting you over the head. In fact if you'd like to understand the modern women's 'struggle' and joys please read these plays.

B.r. Stagg

Baby Boomers wanted it all and couldn't have it. Sounds like my generation, too.


This one would be my favorite ones of hers and where I'd begin with her.


I picked this up for my Modern Drama class in college. I had to choose a playwright we were not studying in class to read and write a paper about. My dad suggested Wendy Wasserstein for he thought she was up my alley. Oh, how I loved this play. I read all of her plays in print for my assignment, but the Heidi Chronicles is so true, so heartbreaking, and touched me in a way few authors are able. It stands the test of time and does not date itself. I have given this to many friends during some tough times in their lives.


Here we are twenty years later, still trying to figure out if we can "have it all..."


I love these three plays. I wrote on the Heidi Chronicles in my Masters thesis. The topic of "wanting it all", career, kids and a society approved relationship is elaborated in a very refreshing way. At the same time it made me think of how the play still strikes today's Zeitgeist, given all the TV-shows and shiny magazines that want to tell us how to design our life styles: get pretty for work in the morning, while preparing a healthy lunch in a chic lunch tote, gym after work if not having a drink at a 5-7, wedding day, kids, all needs to be planned years in ahead.Where are today's Heidis who point the way to an attitude that allows us to pass on some of those many societal expectations? Cause it's ok and it's your happiness to take to heart.


When I requested this from the library I thought I was getting the play “The Heidi Chronicles” and I was, but I was also getting “Uncommon Women and Others” and “Isn’t It Romantic.” What a delightful combination! The first is a play from 1977 that I knew well then; I did Holly’s monologue in college. “Isn’t It Romantic” I knew only from Wasserstein’s biography. “The Heidi Chronicles” I’d heard of – I don’t quite live under a rock— it won the Pulitzer Prize and Tony, but I haven’t seen a production of it. “Uncommon Women” is dated, but it’s also still a wonderful piece of writing and I’d love to see it staged again. “Isn’t it Romantic” is from 1983 and it’s about Janie and Harriet who have moved back to New York City after going to college, their parents and their lovers and their careers. “The Heidi Chronicles” came to Broadway in 1989 and takes place in roughly chronological scenes from 1965 to 1989 and is about these years in the lives of Heidi Holland and Susan Johnston, their boyfriends, careers and families. It’s a great play with dialogue that jumps off the page. As one of the characters might say: "A+!"


Love it. Ia m on a wendy kick right now,.. still not done with it

David Jay

I didn't have great expectations for this collection of plays. I've always thought Wendy Wasserstein was overrated and I've really disliked some of her other works (I hated "The Sisters Rosensweig...") What a pleasant surprise. I thought all three of these plays were beautifully constructed and interesting. Some cliches here and there and wow, these pieces are so so dated. But I think that that becomes almost charming, a la Thornton Wilder or William Inge. They are time capsules of a completely different, albiet not so long ago, era. I particularly liked "Isn't It Romantic?" which I imagine is the least known of the three. Still though, I hardly think "The Heidi Chronicles" is worthy of the Pulitzer Prize, which it won.

Allison Wonderland

I've never seen any of Wendy Wasserstein's plays performed live; however, I did see the Meryl Streep/Swoosie Kurtz performance of Uncommon Women on DVD. It's my favorite of her plays, yet The Heidi Chronicles seems to get the most acclaim. I actually like The Heidi Chronicles least of the three plays featured in this book.

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