The History of Chile

ISBN: 140396257X
ISBN 13: 9781403962577
By: John L. Rector

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About this book

Within Chile is the driest desert in the world, the highest mountain range in the hemisphere, temperate rainforests, and a piece of Antarctica. In all these areas Chileans have created unique communities and, together, a vibrant nation. Chile's history mirrors its geographic variety. From its pre-colonial period, to its days as a Spanish colony, through its many independent governments, Chile has long been a land of crises and controversy. Beginning with a survey of the land, people, and current government of Chile, the book traces the chronological story of the country. Ten chapters follow the details of Chilean history from the indigenous peoples to the democratic transition after the Pinochet dictatorship. This is the perfect starting point for students and travelers interested in the history and people of Chile.

Reader's Thoughts


Quite informative, and covers a great deal of Chilean history with a broad brush. However, it's a very dry read, lacking in much depth of feeling. I suppose that's not a terrible crime for history book, but still a very stiff writing style.


Chile is wondering how they can thank Pinochet publicly. :)

Dee Renee Chesnut

This book contains sections titled: abbreviations and Acronyms; Timeline of Historical Events; Notable People in the History of Chile; Glossary of Selected Terms; and Suggestions for Further Reading, in addition to ten chapters of text. The writing can get so boring I struggled to finish even half a chapter at a time. This country's history cannot be that boring.

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