The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Quandary Phase (Hitchhiker’s Guide: Radio Play, #4)

ISBN: 1572704888
ISBN 13: 9781572704886
By: Douglas Adams Simon Jones Geoffrey McGivern

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About this book

Many are familiar with Douglas Adams's classic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, but few know that these books started out as a multi-part series performed on BBC radio. This installment, part four, is a robust radio dramatization of So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. The Earth has miraculously reappeared and Arthur Dent is in love with the otherworldly Fenchurch, but Ford Prefect has an idea that might burst Arthur’s happy little bubble. What is really going on with Arthur’s dream girl, where have all the dolphins gone, and what was their departing message to mankind?

Reader's Thoughts


I always remembered So Long and Thanks For All the Fish as being the weakest of the trilogy, but I didn't remember it being this weak. I think that a lot of the problem with this adaptation by Dirk Maggs was in reducing the episode count from 6 to 4 which doesn't allow time for the story to breathe. But then, is there really a story anyway? Is there even a central concept or idea to this or is it just an attempt to find something for the Hitchhiker's characters to do, throwing in a Hitchhiker's concept like "the search for God's final message" which just doesn't work in nearly as interesting ways as the original search for meaning in the universe did.I'd hesitate to call this a waste of time but it shows a creative lull in Adams writing and it's also a bad, uncommitted adaptation of the material which seeks neither to understand or expand upon it. it's still sporadically funny, of course. The Rain God is very amusing.

David Grimaud

A continuation of the theme. The gags stay with you. I love the "truck driver as rain god. "So long, and thanks for the fish!"


This is the radio play version of So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. good, except they added in things to make it sound more current, like going on about cell phone ring tones. which is stoopid since some of the plot still hinges on Arthur not having an answering machine, so it's in a definite decade, you know?


The Hitchhiker’s radio adaptations continue with the fourth installment in the trilogy, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.This one is funny and amusing, but the weaknesses inherint in the book are on display here—namely too much focus on Arthur. Part of the fun of Hitchhhiker’s is all the zany characters and you get the feeling Adams was tiring of the series at this point as characters such as Ford, Marvin and Trillian only have glorified cameos at best. This radio adapation does slim things down a bit and it does have some absurdly funny moments that work better in audio than they do in print.


Spectacular - listening to the whole BBC audio series far outstrips even the pleasure of reading the books


Absolutely fantastic!!


I like this one. The audio I listened to is better - it tells this part of the story in a much noisier way - not as distracting as the others.

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