The Holly and the Ivy

ISBN: 0451198417
ISBN 13: 9780451198419
By: Elisabeth Fairchild

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About this book

Mary River's grandmother has predicted a wonderful Christmas in London. And when their usually prickly neighbor, Lord Balfour, is increasingly attentive, Gran's predictions may come true--if the merry Mary and the thorny lord can weather a scandalous misunderstanding and a chaotic Christmas Eve ball.

Reader's Thoughts

Anna Marie

Mary is a common girl visiting her aging relative in London over the Christmas season. She meets their titled and wealthy neighbor, who is always scowling (it's because he can't see - he's actually squinting) and hates Christmas... especially this Christmas, because his right hand man (and dearest confidante/father figure) has died, leaving him to host his own holiday ball (his annual attempt to meet all Christmas obligation in one fell swoop). Enter Mary, who gets him spectacles, organizes his household staff, and helps him to throw together his ball.And how does he repay her kindness? By assuming that she's a money-grubbing, mercenary wench, only after his title and wealth. He treats her with contempt, makes an offer that sounds like a proposal, and then sends his lawyer over with the paperwork to finalize the details of her position as his mistress. Of COURSE she is all shades of hurt, humiliated, and angry... and tells him where to stick it. Only then does he realize that she was a nice girl simply born to different circumstance.And of course we have the 'happy' ending, where he wins her back. Except that by this point, you don't WANT him to get her - she deserves WAY better. But alas, he hosts his ball, has clearer vision, and gets the girl. End of really poopy story. And worse, he's a blonde. Figures. I've never met a blonde guy who wasn't a total problem. (((ugh)))

Carrie Goodall

Part of my cheesy Christmas love story reading. It sure fit the bill.


Slow start, but got better once the story got going. I enjoyed it. Fairchild's writing style reminds me of Mary Balogh's (I can think of no higher praise!). I'll be on the lookout for more books by this author.

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