The Hour of the Cobra (Time-Travel Series, #2)

ISBN: 0810959704
ISBN 13: 9780810959705
By: Maiya Williams

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About this book

This sequel to the award-winning time-travel adventure, "The Golden Hour," takes readers to Cleopatra's Egypt This time fourteen-year-old Xanthe leads the adventure as the four time-traveling kids from "The Golden Hour" make a trip back to ancient Egypt to rescue the library at Alexandria from destruction by Caesar's troops. Xanthe is particularly excited to visit Egypt, where she hopes to get a glimpse of Cleopatra. But she gets more than the quick peek she bargained for when young Cleopatra mistakes her for the goddess Isis. The princess begs Xanthe to intervene in a royal feud between Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy. Xanthe, who's feeling overshadowed by her own brother, Xavier, is tempted to help the princess, thus changing history and setting off a chain of events that traps Rowan and Nina in time limbo. The Egyptian setting and action-packed plot makes this a particularly exciting installment in the series, and the African American heroine is a welcome addition to the ranks of fantasy protagonists. Awards and praise for "The Golden Hour," the prequel to "The Hour of the Cobra"Book Sense PickInternational Reading Association Intermediate Fiction AwardSouthern California Booksellers' Association Children's Book Prize "A trip well worth taking." -"The New York Times" "One of the few fantasies with any African American characters..." - "Booklist" "Action-packed and laden with good-natured humor, Williams' tale is a journey worth taking." - "Publisher's Weekly"

Reader's Thoughts


I WANNA read this so bad!!!:( !! It looks like a good book!:0

Ms Threlkeld

A great adventure story that also teaches the reader about ancient Egypt. I love the idea of travelling back in time to other historical periods. Where would you go?


I wonderful sequel to the Golden Hour.

Andrew H.

I think it's a really good book about history and adventure and mystery! It is really cool to see exciting things in the book happen.

Basma Kaid

this book was ok...i own it my dad bought it for me when he went to Virgina so it wasn't my choice...

Bobbi Taniguchi

Nice mid-grade read.


This time travel story is the sequel to The Golden Hour but I understood it even though I hadn't read the first book. This story takes us to ancient Egypt in a way that stretches credulity. Adventures and enlightenment ensue and all is tied up neatly at the end in order to have more adventures by the main characters. A slight step above Magic Treehouse.

Cathrine Bonham

After their last adventure the kids need to go on a special mission to prove themselves worthy of "frequent flyer" status. One rule: Don't interfre in the lives of Famos people. The rule is quickly broken when Xanthe strikes up a Friendship with none other than Cleopatra herself.This Book was very Exciting. Lots of action with very indepth character development and a very well researched plot make for a time travel aventure that is more exciting than the first.


Picking up not long after she left off in The Golden Hour, Williams' new adventure covers much more territory than the first.Xanthe Alexander, while enjoying a short reprieve from her twin brother Xavier, is overly busy beating herself up. While out on the porch studying math to distract herself, she happens to notice something in the pond. Much to her shock, she realizes it's her best friend Rowan. As it turns out, she, Rowan and Nina have been called back to Owatannauk, Maine to assist in a special project: collecting historical items for customers of the curio shop.After a brief run-through of Egyptian history, the trio are costumed and sent on their way. Xanthe, pleased to finally have something her brother does not, has lost sight of the mission almost before it's begun. When Xavier later shows up in Alexandria, she loses it completely. Though the children have been forewarned not to interact with anyone important, when Xanthe accidentally runs into Cleopatra while exiting an alleviator in a Temple of Isis, she finds it all too easy to let the girl believe she is the godess she's come to worship.In secret, she begins making trips to see the princess as she ages, following her through history. Moody and distracted during the day, it doesn't take long for the others to figure out something's up. She feeds Rowan a lie to pass on to the others, but Xavier knows her better than that, and follows her on her next visit. Furious as she is at the discovery, it turns out to be the least of their troubles, as they get stuck overnight in the wrong year, and return to Owatannauk only to find they've created an alternate branch of the universe and are stuck out of time.With the help of the alternates in the new Owatanauk, and Rowan and Nina, Xanthe and Xavier, or Isis and Osiris, scheme up an incredible plot to return history to its correct path, which is their only chance to undo the damage, and return to their own time.A much heavier read than the first of the series, The Hour of the Cobra covers far more territory than The Golden Hour, but is equally enjoyable. I'd recommend reading them in order, only because most of the mystery of Owatannauk is told in the first book, though there is a brief summarization for the reader at the beginning of this story.A tale of jealousy, friendship, teamwork and faith, The Hour of the Cobra is well worth a look.


Also amazing...highly recommend!!

Jennifer Boyer

I love these books and wish the author would add to the series!


OK, it's my fault. I didn't realize that this is a sequel. I didn't understand this book that much. I mean, why this character thinks like this and that. Why is he reacting like this and that. Bummer.


Time travel to Ancient Egypt by four kids. Another fun book to read aloud, although it got a bit cumbersome in places and it was easy to get confused as to what year they were in as they went back and forth a lot. Kind of confusion-heavy.

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