The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies

ISBN: 0316159212
ISBN 13: 9780316159210
By: Randine Lewis Radine Lewis

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About this book

Infertility affects one out of six couples today. Dr. Lewis presents a groundbreaking alternative approach to infertility, explaining how she used traditional Chinese medicine to treat her own infertility, successfully conceiving and giving birth to two children.

Reader's Thoughts


I recommend this book to anyone who is having trouble getting pregnant, and especially anyone trying who is over thirty. Dr. Lewis is a certified Western reproductive endocrinologist but practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for fertility. She explains that differences in diagnosis and treatment in TCM and Western medicine throughout the book. Chinese medicine is an viable alternative for women who are unsure about wanting to have IUIs and IVF, or who want to try those as a last resort. TCM is an extra strategy in the fertility journey. There are many conditions that are not treated/recognized in Western fertility treatment, that are treatable in TCM.


This book was recommended to me by a friend whose friend experienced success after implementing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I have been interested in Eastern medicine for quite some time and I have been trying out some herbs, yoga and massage practices, but I haven't had much guidance. This book is extremely detailed and informative. It helps you better understand accupuncture, but also gives you much insight as to how you can implement accupressure, herbs and dietary changes into your own daily life to acheive a similar effect if accupuncture is not easily accessible to you. I think this is an excellent follow up book to The Infertility Cleanse, which focuses more on the health benefits of yoga. Paired together, these two books provide a wealth of information on utilizing Eastern medicine to acheive better fertility. What myself and some of my friends are experiencing is that we present with difficulties conceiving or miscarriages, but Western physicians keep telling us there isn't much we can do unless we want to take hormones. It's frustrating, especially when you can feel that something is off in your body. I love how this book let's women know that you are not crazy and there really are remedies available. Like The Infertility Cleanse, it does not promise success, which I like. The final chapter is about opening your heart to the idea that life might have something else in store for you. I think every woman who struggles with fertility issues can identify in some way with this book and can walk away with a new practice that might uplift their spirit and encourage them along the way to finding their future children!

Livia Blackburne

Really interesting. The author's medical background gives her a more scientific approach than Fertility Wisdom and makes the book more palatable to those with a western science education


I didn't quite understand the depth of Chinese medicine. It does bring to light that the body should be balanced before trying aggressive western treatment.


Info on how TCM (acupuncture & herbs) can help balance hormonal systems in the body. While I know that it works, I won't say that I swear purely by it and that it's the only thing that works.


A LOT of education on various fertility disorders and how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views them. I love that the author gives a prescription specific to the individual to target infertility. One drawback: It can seem really overwhelming and convoluted at times. But, I believe the author did a great job making treatment as simple as possible considering how complicated TCM is.


I really learned a lot from this book. A must-read for those considering acupuncture as an aide in getting pregnant.


This is a good book for women to read who want to take a natural approach to getting pregnant. I'm reading it so that I know what it says and can recommend it to my patients.


A lot of people SWEAR by this book. It is a terrific (sometimes too in depth) book about Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it has cured infertility for some people. What I like about this book is it gives you some hope and steps to take for overcoming infertility. It is easy to go over the top, however, with all the restrictions Dr. Lewis wants you to put in place on diet and you may be swallowing pills forever if you try to keep up with all the supplements recommended. But if you are looking for really good info on TCM and trying to solve infertility issues, read this book!


One word...WOW! I havebeen trying that long but this book was recommended to me. I didnt realize how many drugs have such horrible side effects afterwards. Great book and an easy read!!!


This book is very full of valuable information for women trying to conceive and also women who aren't. I've been following her advice from this book and my skin has cleared up and my periods are less painful... and i have lost weight without trying.

Kimber Hattendorf

I recommend this for all women to help understand how their reproductive organs function even if you are not interested in having children.


Dumb title, but a great book. I learned a lot.


This is an amazing book. If you've already memorized the basics of charting and cycles as given in TCOYF, this is a great next step whether you think you're interested in Chinese medicine or not. If nothing else, there are many examples of charts and symptoms and explanations of their various associations in TCM.The author also gives tons of information that is useful to someone (like me!) who may not have the financial resources to employ an acupuncturist. There are good diagrams with acupressure points and instructions, and quite thorough descriptions of many Chinese herbs.I really can't recommend this highly enough to anyone who is TTC, and even anyone who is just interested in another perspective on their monthly cycles.

Lisa Carr

Definitely helpful if you are new to acupuncture and are seeking help for infertility. Offers insight on the difference between Western and Eastern medicine and their approaches to women, aging, and infertility.

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