The Knight and Knave of Swords (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, #7)

ISBN: 068808530X
ISBN 13: 9780688085308
By: Fritz Leiber

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About this book

Ramsey Campbell, the highly regarded British horror author called him, "the greatest living writer of supernatural horror fiction". Drawing many of his own themes from Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and H.P Lovecraft, master manipulator Franz Leiber is a worldwide legend within the Fantasy genre, actually coining the term "Sword and Sorcery" that would describe the sub-genre he would more than help create. While Lord of the Rings took the world by storm, Leiber-s fantastic but thoroughly flawed anti-heroes, Fafhrd and Grey Mouser, adventured and stumbled deep within the caves of Inner Earth as well, albeit a different one. They wondered and wandered to the edges of the Outer Sea, across the Land of Nehwon and throughout every nook and cranny of gothic Lankhmar, Nehwon-s grandest and most mystically corrupt city. Lankhmar, is Leiber-s fully realized, vivid, incarnation of urban decay and civilization-s corroding effect on the human psyche. Fafhrd and Mouse are not innocents; their world is no land of honor and righteousness. It is a world of human complexities and violent action, of discovery and mystery, of swords and sorcery. "Fritz Leiber's tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are virtually a genre unto themselves. Urbane, idiosyncratic, comic, erotic and human, spiked with believable action of a master fantasist!" William Gibson "After too long a wait, the master story teller of us all returns with a huge, anecdotal adventure in the magic-drenched lives of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Glowing imagination melds with gorgeous language to make this one of Leiber's very best...which is a better best than this poor world usually has to offer. Leiber's back: rejoice!" -Harlan Ellison "It's all Fritz Leiber's fault. If he weren't such a deadly fine fantasist I wouldn't be stopping everything to read his tales. And if he weren't such a master I wouldn't occasionally look out of the window and wish he'd interrupt my routine again, as he doesn't do it often enough. The Knight and Knave of Swords came into my life and took over an otherwise fully programmed afternoon. I stop everything when a new Fafhrd and Gray Mouser story comes into my hands." Roger Zelazny.Contents:9 · Sea Magic · ss The Dragon Dec ’77 29 · The Mer She · nv Heroes & Horrors, Whispers Press, 1978 63 · The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars · na Heroic Visions, ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Ace, 1983 117 · The Mouser Goes Below · na *; portions first printed as “The Mouser Goes Below” (Whispers #23 ’87) and “Slack Lankhmar Afternoon Featuring Hisvet” (Terry’s Universe, ed. Beth Meacham, Tor 1988).

Reader's Thoughts


Good fun. I hadn't read any Fahfrd and the Grey Mouser stories before, although I had heard of them. The alien/antique language and rascally heroes reminded me of Vance.


7th Fafhrd and Grey Mouser book. Unfortunately not pictured is the ultimately ridiculous cover I have. Embossed and glossy totally goofy mass market fantasy stuff, but of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser decked out in like Shakespearian or jester gear.


Fafhrd, the towering barbarian, and his best friend the Gray Mouser, a cutpurse small in stature, are now middle-aged swordsmen with an abundance of adventures behind them. But the fates aren't through with them yet, and in this collection of stories, Fritz Leiber gives us more of their exploits. A rollicking read for sci-fi and fantasy fans.


I read this book at some point several years ago, but had completely forgotten. Possibly because some of the themes weren't as resonant with the younger version of me as they are now. In any case, this is an incredibly satisfying ending to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser's adventures. Fritz Leiber once again proves that he's the master of sword-and-sorcery-and-snarking.


Either Lieber is genuinely not as good as i remember, or this is him attempting to milk the brand for money. The writing is weak, at best. Have to dig up some of his older stuff to compare, but haven't gotten around to it yet.Recommend to burn this one on sight.


This being the last book of the series I have now read all seven of the books. Fahfrd and the Gray Mouser are great hero/anti-hero characters and Fritz Leiber has the right mix of adventure, horror and humor. These books are just plain fun. Entertain yourself in the land of Erewhon. Pick up any of these books and have a ball!

Joseph Panno

God awful. This series has sadly gone way off track. The two main characters are practically nothing resembling what made me like them in the first place, the story itself is weak, the supporting characters are boring but the worst is how deviant parts of this book are. Mentions of pedophilia and damn near outright porn: it reads like it was written by a lecherous old man. A big disappointment.


Although I like Fritz Leiber's work, some of his fantasy skirts along the edge of sexual behaviors that I find rather disturbing. It's nothing graphic, only suggestive, but it suggests things that I don't particularly care for.

Iain Watson

The knight and knave of swords by Fritz Leiber (1988)

Angela Alcorn

Read Return to Lankhmar first (which we have).

Newton Tio Nitro

No sétimo e último volume da saga de Fafhrd e o Gray Mouser, o surrealismo toma conta das aventuras da dupla. As histórias ganham cada vez mais surrealismo, em detrimento do aspecto épico e sujo das primeiras histórias da dupla mais famosa do gênero de Espada e Magia (a partir dessa resenha, vou usar esse termo para falar de Sword and Sorcery).O livro contém as seguintes histórias “Sea Magic” (1977), “The Mer She” (1978), “The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars” (1983) ,”The Mouser Goes Below” (1987, 1988). As três primeiras histórias são muito boas, com “The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars” se sobressaindo por sua originalidade intercalando uma maldição dos deuses em cima da dupla com a perseguição de dois assassinos vindos de Lankhmar.Já a última história, apesar da originalidade da premissa (o Mouser sofre com uma vingança de um deus e começa a afundar pela terra), é mais uma desculpa para uma série de cenas de voyerismo e eroticismo, que apesar de bem escritas, não são o que eu esperava para a última história da dupla.Erotismo e sexo são bem presentes em toda a saga de Fafhrd e o Gray Mouser, e de certa forma, escritas com mais “literariedade” e humor do que outros autores de Espada e Magia. Mas em “The Mouser Goes Below”, o Lieber exagerou na maluquice. Mesmo assim, entendi a noveleta como uma meditação sobre a mortalidade, com Mouser vivenciando a realidade de maneira incorpórea e refletindo sobre sua vida (especialmente as mulheres com que ele se envolveu).Analisando os sete volumes, impressiona a imaginação sem limites de Lieber, seu senso de humor e o modo como caracteriza seus personagens. Fafhrd e o Gray Mouser são muito bem construídos, são daqueles personagens que se imortalizam, independente das histórias que participam.Fica a recomendação, parte da leitura obrigatória para os fãs de Espada e Magia.E agora, como parte desse desejo de conhecer os textos mais influentes e fundadores da tradição da Espada e Magia, estou começando a leitura coleção de 3 volumes da editora Del Rey com TODAS as histórias originais do Conan escritas pelo Robert E. Howard. Os volumes são vol.1 The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, vol.2 The Bloody Crown of Conan e vol.3 The Conquering Sword of Conan.Depois de ler os contos picados, finalmente vou poder ler todos os escritos do Tio Howard sobre o bárbaro doidimais. E juntando isso com a leitura dos quadrinhos do Conan da Darkhorse (saga de 2003-2008, que é muito fiel aos originais do Tio Howard), é mergulho na era Hiboriana, depois de ter viajado pelo mundo de Newhon, de Lankhmar.

Maxwell Heath

The stories contained in this volume are okay, but definitely not as good as those in the earlier books. The last and longest one especially suffers from being rather disappointing, as the premise of the Mouser being trapped underground while Fafhrd is whisked into the sky upon an airship are largely used as framing devices for weird erotica and other such things that don't really match what I want out of a fantasy story. The concept of the sky kingdom is interesting but sadly is barely developed.


300 pages is too long for a Fafhrd/Gray Mouser story (or rather, three semi-related F/GM stories, as it is) and the whole thing drags by the second half. Not the best Leiber I've read.


Some media is difficult to consume, when we know it will be our last taste. This is how I felt watching the last episode of The Wire, the last Morse mystery, and now reading this book. It's why I put off reading the last Dark Tower novel. Reading The Knight and Knave of Swords I was filled with melancholy. I'm certain I first discovered Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser when I was 10 or 11 years old, and while scouring used book stores happy to grab any of the paperbacks collecting their adventures. These stories filled with adventure, humor, magic, not-overly powerful gods, and sexy women were a great pleaure to read. For D&D players, not enough credit can be given to Leiber, who came up with a dozen of the concepts incorporated into the RPG.I've always thought Leiber had the best story titles, Ill Met in Lankhmar being my favorite.And so I'd put off reading this book for more than 10 years. I finally added it as a briefcase read. The book includes two short stories and a novella. I'd call one of the short stories, a gem. Fafhrd is cursed to look up and obsess with stars, while the Mouser is cursed to look down obsessing with trivialities like the shapes and colors of pebbles and sticks. Their obsessive curses prevent them from taking note of assassins sent from Lankhmar hired to settle old scores.The other short and the novella were not as good. Not bad, but not particularly good either. The heroes are too passive, riding out circumstances with essentially no power to influence events.The cover of the book is A-1.


Fafhard and the Grey Mouser are now respectable, married businessmen, content to be settled and enjoying their wealth and leisure time.Oh, if only it was that easy! They still can't help stumbling upon magical things or grabbing the attention of various mystical beings.One last romp for those two great fantasy heroes, now with their very tolerant wives, and slightly baffled and anxious chief assistants dragged along. The last story is every bit as fantastic, fun and witty as the first and the only cloud on the horizon is that this is the last story and there are no more new ones to look forward to.Someone needs to get the movie rights to these books.

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