The Legend of Mammy Jane

ISBN: 0960853227
ISBN 13: 9780960853229
By: Sibyl J. Pischke

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Reader's Thoughts


Loved this book!

Melissa McAllister

Although it seems almost every person that has read this on goodreads loved the book....I did not. I finished, which I can't believe. It was poorly written in my opinion. There were some parts of the story that was gripping, though.


This was the best story ever. Made me count my blessings for modern methods of womanhood


I read this book at least once a year. I love the story of Labanna Jane dearly. I may need to check it out again

Jennifer Duffield

I loved this book! One of my all time faves!


It's not great, but I had a hard time putting this book down. Seemed like Mammy Jane could do no wrong, but still a great read. Historical fiction. If you like it you might like Wild horses by Jeanette Walls.


This is a great story -- not real well written but a great story. I missed Mammy when I finished this book.

Shae Jarvis

Awesome! Love reading my family history

Angie Mcknight

I loved the Legend of Mammy Jane. The author, Sibyl Jarvis Pischke, was born and raised in my beautiful home state of West Virginia. She did a wonderful job of giving us insight in to life before the Civil War. I've also purchased Ashes of Roses and War by Pischke and look forward to reading it soon!

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