The Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb: An American Slave

ISBN: 0299168948
ISBN 13: 9780299168940
By: Henry Bibb Charles J. Heglar

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About this book

and he writes about folkways of the slaves, especially how he used conjure to avoid punishment and to win the hearts of women. Most significant, he is unique in exploring the importance of marriage and family to him, recounting his several trips to free his wife and child. This new edition includes an introduction by literary scholar Charles Heglar and a selection of letters and editorials by Bibb.

Reader's Thoughts

Coyote Longfall

This man is woefully underrated. His experiences should be required reading. There is some hyperbole, and some of the narrative was fitted to meet the needs of the abolitionist movement at the time of publication, but the majority of this work has been verified as accurate. A primary source on the experience of slaves that should not be overlooked by any serious student of nineteenth century America.


I don't remember the details, but I do remember it was a fast-paced engaging read. I think Bibb was one of the few slaves to give a narrative either after living in the deep south or being slave to an American Indian. For that reason alone this is a standout among slave narratives. Beyond that, it's just good reading.

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