The Life and Major Writings of Thomas Paine: Includes Common Sense/The American Crisis/Rights of Man/The Age of Reason/Agrarian Justice

ISBN: 0735100772
ISBN 13: 9780735100770
By: Thomas Paine

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Reader's Thoughts

Paul Gibson

For those who believe that all our forefathers were conservative. Thomas Paine was a great liberal in the best sense of all . . . his Common Sense. The well written introduction is worth the price of the book.Paine was not only a vocal advocate for America's freedom from Great Britain, he continued to speak out for liberty . . . clearly understanding the differences between the values of freedom and the greater, more positive values of liberty. Democracy, if it is to have any value beyond its own brand of tyranny, must learn to value, celebrate and argue for the rights of every minority.


While reading "The Life and Major Writings of Thomas Paine," I was continually impressed with how well informed Paine was on so many subjects. In today's society it is so easy to get on the internet and find out information when we want to research and write about a subject. Such was not the case in Thomas Paine's day, and yet he had information on the politics, governments, finances, and economies of England, France, and the American Colonies. He was not only well connected with persons who had first hand information, but he had a firm understanding of the information he gathered. In addition to law, science, and economics, he had an understanding of the social sciences. Paine was a prolific writer and he was not afraid to voice his opinion, especially on the subject of human rights. He was a firm believer in liberty, justice, and freedom of religion, as well as helping the downtrodden. I got the feeling that he honestly cared about humankind as shown in his words, "For my own part I am fully satisfied that what I am now doing, with an endeavor to conciliate mankind, to render their condition happy, to unite nations that have hitherto been enemies, and to extirpate the horrid practise [sic] of war and break the chains of slavery and oppression, in His sight, and being the best service I can perform I act it cheerfully." I truly believe that his writings deserve to be included in history and civilization studies throughout the world.

Craig J.

"The Life and Major Writings of Thomas Paine: Includes Common Sense, the American Crisis, Rights of Man, the Age of Reason and Agrarian Justice by Thomas Paine (2000)"

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