The Life and Music of Nick Cave

ISBN: 3931126277
ISBN 13: 9783931126278
By: Johannes Beck Robert Clanton

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About this book

The Life And Music Of Nick Cave Johannes Beck, Max Dax and Robert Klanten, editors This biography of singer Nick Cave spans his entire career from his early days as frontman for the Birthday Party to his worldwide success with the Bad Seeds. "The Life and Music of Nick Cave goes beyond the story of the man and his songs to reflect an intense period of time in his life and the music industry.

Reader's Thoughts


Part biography, part photo book, "The Life and Music of Nick Cave" contains great photographs as well as a brief biography of Nick Cave and his many projects from The Boys Next Door to The Birthday Party to his most famous work with The Bad Seeds. It also recounts the lengthy writing process of his novel "And The Ass Saw the Angel" as well as film projects Cave was a part of. Since the publishing of this book, Cave has since released several albums (Bad Seeds, Grinderman & film scores) as well as having penned a screenplay ("The Proposition") and is still cranking out quality material. Still, though this biography only goes through "The Boatman's Call" it's a good, quick read.


Oh so pretty....I have actually been known to stroke this book.

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