The Long Shadow (Morland Dynasty, #6)

ISBN: 0751506435
ISBN 13: 9780751506433
By: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

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About this book

1670 - Charles II and James IIMorland Place has flourished under Ralph's stewardship, while Annunciata is a great lady of the Court. Splendid futures seem to be promised for her children; but the religious rift opened by Henry VIII has never been fully healed, and conflict resurfaces at the accession of the Catholic James II. Frightening times ensue, when it is impossible to know who to trust. Annunciata herself is put on trial, while jealousy, betrayal and sudden death threaten her family. And in the shadow of revolution comes a new love to Annunciata, one that can only lead to tragedy.

Reader's Thoughts

Elizabeth Martel

This is the 6th book in the Morland Dynasty, and my favourite since the first. The political intrigue was simple enough for me to understand, and it is now moving into a period I've never previously studied. Keeps an interesting balance between the lives and loves of the Morlands themselves, the social history of the period, and the historical and political events of the time.

Edith Clayton

#6 in the Moreland Dynasty series. This one, like the last (and apparently the next), revolves around Annunciata, a beautiful & selfish bitch. I guess one of the things I like about this series is that the characters are realistically flawed, but still I wish there was not so much focus on such an unlikeable character! ...I'm still looking forward to the next in the series.

Frances Fuller

So glad there are 29 to go.


If you don't like Annunciata you might struggle with this book, and there is a lot not to like about her!Onto the next book in the series.

Lian Tanner

Not one of my favourites of this series - though in a way it's hard to separate out the individual books. This is the second book in which Annunciata plays a major role, and it's hard to sympathise with her when she treats her children so appallingly and appears to think only of her own pleasure. But at least she is interesting, and the series continues to intrigue me, and teach me a considerable amount about English history.


Tired of reading about Annunciata. Looks like the next book isn't focused so much on her though, thank god.


SPOILER ALERT ******** I love the history in the Morland Dynasty series . This book disappoints simply because of the way Annunciata is drawn. She's depicted as being extremely self centred ,masterful & ambitious even by the standards of that particularly difficult period .And a truly atrocious mother! Every time she thinks she's found true love & every time finds some ridiculous reason to fall out of love (in this book).How does one fall in love with a man you helped raise as a child? One admires a charismatic heroine- here I felt no empathy for Annunciata's character & kept hoping she'd finally receive her just deserts .Sadly this did not happen.

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