The Long Shadow of Little Rock: A Memoir

ISBN: 0938626752
ISBN 13: 9780938626756
By: Daisy Bates

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Reader's Thoughts


This was an eye-opening book for me. I hope to read more about this subject. I am proud though that my Dad was one of the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division who were sent to Little Rock to protect Little Rock Nine.


really dissapointed to give this only 2 stars. i love daisy bates and her story, but this book is just not written very well. i would still say it is one of my favorite books, but purely b/c of my admiration for her.


Another fascinating look at what happened during the 1957 Little Rock high school integration.

Nandi Crawford

I read this years ago and really enjoyed it. Because of an upcoming event at my local library, I got a digital copy of her book and now it's in my hands. What kind of crushed me is her way of watching that man who had a hand in killing her mother. That was compelling. I liked to feel that God put them on the path of each other for a reason. So this man can see what he's caused, and she can face her mother's killer. But finding out about that did something inside her that just turned ugly for her a child. No child should have to hear about such a thing. But it prepared her for what she had to endure later on I feel. Darn good bio. sorry it is out of print but google got it in e-reader form.


Everyone should read this memoir and then think hard about racism in today's world.


Really admire Daisy Bates for her courageous life and her contribution to civil rights progress in the early part of the movement. Her story as recounted in this book is compelling if a bit precious in parts. An incredible story nonetheless.


I was reading this as background research for a graduate school paper, and kept getting sucked in by the story. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone studying the Brown v. Board decision, the Little Rock crisis, or just the Civil Rights movement or the NAACP in the 1950s. She tells the story with an excellent narrative voice and I was constantly left short of breath, thick tears in my throat. I think it made it all the stronger for me that I read it right after I read Virgil Blossom's memoir "It HAS happened here" about the same time in Little Rock history. The distinctly different perspectives between the white Superintendent of Schools and the black state president of the NAACP would make an excellent basis for a unit in middle or high school.

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