The Lord of the Rings: The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring

ISBN: 0618212906
ISBN 13: 9780618212903
By: Gary Russell

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About this book

With complete and unrestricted access to artowrk created over a five-year period, this authoritative and insightful book illustrates the creative development of The Fellowship of the Ring. This official publication contains 500 exclusive images, from the earliest pencil sketches and conceptual drawings to magnificant full-color paintings that shaped the look of the film. All the principal locations, costumes, armor and creatures are covered in stunning detail, including concepts, storyboards and images that did not make it into the final film.As well as a wealth of sketches, paintings and digital images, The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring contains photographs showing how the creative process was realized and a number of stills from the film. Contributors include Alan Lee and John Howe, the two artists who inspired Peter Jackson's vision of Middle-earth and who worked with him to bring his trilogy to the big screen. They and a dozen other designers who created all of these diverse elements explain how they contributed to the development of the film, giving a fascinating insight into how Middle-earth was brought to life.With text compiled from exclusive interviews with director Peter Jackson, special effects supervisor Richard Taylor, designers Grant Major, Ngila Dickson, Paul Lasaine and others, this unique book celebrates the pivotal contribution made by a handful of people which help turn the first Lord of the Rings movie into an award-winning global success.

Reader's Thoughts


I'm always so inspired by the art contained in this series of books. The writing is lacking mainly due to the fact there is none. But the pictures tell a thousands stories. Absolutely awe inspiring and a tribute to the efforts in those gorgeous films, even with the work that didn't make it to the film.


The lord of the rings is a very in depth book that with change your hole idea on adventurer and has become my favorite book ever ,and i intend on reading the rest of the Sears i love calm shire and the mines of morea the wizards battling and cave troll and Frodo the best hero ever.


I liked the plot and it was well written, to the point it was gripping.


I am almost through the book- 4 chapters left!The only thing that I despise and adore about J.R.R Tolkien is his love of description and the language he uses. The book draws on with no need for certain description and needs of description, but the language draws you in and hooks you to the setting, characters, and theme.Though it may also be because I saw the movie before actually diving into the literary world of the hobbits, I enjoy the creativity that rushes from the pages like waves (pun hehehe). I am excited to get through the first and continue on with the rest.(I have read The Hobbit (prequel) and loved it and will probably love this one as well)

Brent Coros

Not too much to say, amazing, can't wait to finish the next two

Eric H

I am currently reading lord of the rings fellowship of the ring this is a really good book I think the author did a really good book surprisingly he wrote this before the hobbit I think the author did a really good job of telling the landscape and characters I am now moving on to the second book I gave this book 5 stars I recommend this book to any one who likes fantasy happy reading!


This book has lots of interesting things to look at. It's got a boatload conceptual drawings and paintings, and lots of information from the artists and wardrobe people.


This was my favorite book of all time!

A Ha

So much details not shown on d movie. Glad i read it!


A panoramic view on the arts of the film... with scratch, designs and in-work suggestions.... Good book to read and view! :)Hobbit costumes WOW! :P



Silvio Icka

I enjoyed the artwork and matched my skills by trying to imitate it, learning how to draw hobbits.


This is a great boo for young readers that are looking for a challenge. I think all people should read the book because it is a great adventure story and the book goes well with the movie. I think it deserves a 5 star rating. It is an amazing book!!! You should read the series.


I love concept art and this was amazing!

Michael Lezza

I felt like the first chapter was really dry and had a bunch of big words. But after that it was great I loved it. It was so entertaining I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this to 6th graders and up.

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