The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare

ISBN: 0618391002
ISBN 13: 9780618391004
By: Chris Smith Richard Taylor Christopher Lee

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About this book

Lavishly illustrated with 1,000 photos, paintings, maps, sculptures and sketches, most appearing here for the first time, Weapons and Warfare is an indispensable chronicle of The Lord of the Rings' many creatures, warriors, armies and battlegrounds. From the graceful and proficient Elves to the horrendous war machines of the Dark Lord, each culture's approach to warfare is explained - how they fought, why they were fighting, what armor they wore and what weapons they used against their enemies. Now you can get as close to a marauding Orc as you could ever wish, without suffering the consequences!Treating the filmmakers' notes, designs and props as a true archive, Weapons and Warfare describes in detail every major conflict depicted in the film trilogy - from The Last Alliance of Elves and Men to the climactic Battle of the Pelennor Fields - each accompanied by a battle diagram from the films' chief designers.Armed with a wealth of fascinating facts and unique imagery, and with an exclusive foreword by Christopher Lee and an introduction by the Academy Award winner Richard Taylor, Weapons and Warfare promises to be the most striking companion to The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy published to date.

Reader's Thoughts


Another amazing book.

D.E. Wyatt

An interesting perspective on the designs of the weapons and armor for the Lord of the Rings films, with plenty of great reference images, particularly for those things which were largely excised from the films for simplicity (for example, Gil-Galad's spear, Aeglos, is discussed in far more detail here than we get in the film itself).

Amanda Simmons

Excellent reference material! As a fiction/fantasy author, the weapons/armor index in the back plus the charts of the different ranges of various weapons is an excellent resource.

Alonso Esponda ramírez

Muy buen cierre de la trilogia,,,

Aral Bereux

The geek in me loved this book. My kids love this book. There is nothing to hate about this book if you are a Lord Of The Rings fan, movie or novel. I highly recommend this for a perusal.


(More pictures at is the movie visual companion that looks specifically at the weapons and history of warfare in The Lord of the Rings.There are lots of photos of the weapons and armor featured in the movie, with occasional concept sketches. The writeup is incredibly detailed. There are lengthy discussions on the major battles, war zones, warriors, and other forms of weapon from Frodo's Sting sword to the scary Grond battling ram or the gigantic elephant-like Mumakil. There's even a range chart on how far different type of arrows can fly.This isn't really a making-of book so you're won't read anything like how uncomfortable the actors felt while in suit. You'll know what type of wood Legolas' bow is made of, but not of the movie prop bow.This is the book for all LOTR fans fascinated with weaponry and warfare.


Good concepts again especially for prop design. Not as varied though as the general LOTR movie art books.


I enjoyed this book... I like the way Peter Jackson and WETA Workshop interpreted Tolkien's world. I find new information on the history of some of the weapons and armour while reading this book. I do however have a hard time finding documentation in the actual Tolkien books on some of the "artifacts" portrayed. All in all I am happy with this title, it would make a great coffee table book.


I must admit I didn't read this book very closely, but it's a great overview of Middle Earth, its war and their main players. It really reads as a chronicle, and describes what the weapons would have been made of.. in Middle Earth.I had expected this to be more about the weapons used in the movies, but it seems I was mistaken in that. It's still full of screenshots of and drawings made for the movies, however, so the book is a feast for the eyes, besides being very informative on the topic of Middle Earth.

Mike (the Paladin)

I got this mostly because:A. I'm a Tolkien fan (and)B. I'm a gamer (Dungeons and Dragons table top) and try to make the weapons as "fantasy realistic" as I can.This book mostly leans heavily on the movie but still is a pretty good book. If you are big time into the movies you may enjoy it more, but any fantasy fan will probably enjoy it at least somewhat.


it was good but it was to long

Richard Evey jr.

One of the best books of its type. Instead of recycled artwork and fluff text we get well thought out back-story and detailed looks at the LOTR world . This book enhances the films and shows real thought and care, designed much like books on real world military history.


Actually learned a little more than I thought I would with this one, and some of the details of the armor and weapons were things I had no idea about before this. I'm hoping that all of this is cannon and worked off the notes of the author himself.


A glossy, beautiful coffee table book for you LOTR fans.

Stephanie Moore

I really enjoyed getting to read about some of the little details concerning the weaponry and fighting styles of the Peoples of Middle Earth.

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