The Lost Girl

ISBN: 0742631435
ISBN 13: 9780742631434
By: D.H. Lawrence

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Reader's Thoughts


So far its pretty interesting. I will give a full report when I am done


又是一本慢热的书 ,不温不火。但终究还是坚持到了最后


I am near the end, and I am only finishing it for the sake of finishing it and not because I am interested in the events happening in this book.


always feel a little naughty reading dh lawrence ;)The last DH Lawrence I read was "Aaron's Rod" and I was not impressed, but I did like "Lady Chatterly's Lover". The "Lost Girl" was good. I think I liked it better than AR because it was woman-centric, like LCL. So I will read more of DH Lawrence.

David Freeland

A fascinating, lesser-known Lawrence novel that uses vaudeville as its backdrop and features a really terrific female protagonist. Well worth reading!


I had not read much D.H. Lawrence...a few of his stories way back in college maybe. But reading The Lost Girl I can see why his works were so concerning to the status quo and so censored. It is not so much for shocking sex or salacious material, though I am sure some of the imagery and forthright language concerning sex were a bit shocking at the time. No, it is more for his seeming to want to break down conventions and barriers. And not even so much social and political conventions, but the conventions of feelings and true, visceral emotions, not the laced and guarded "correct" emotions we put on in our public, and even private lives. In this way Lawrence reminds me of the flip side of the coin to Orwell. Orwell wanted to change social and political castes. But Lawrence seems to be little concerned with that....though I think if these internal barriers fell by the wayside, those social and political ones would too. The "lost girl" of the title battles her own self, trying to find what is true internally. Sometimes she feels one way and then exactly the opposite as she continues her search for true emotion. And Lawrence seems to accept that to be true you can be, perhaps must be, inconsistent. Love and hate, cravings and disgust, lust and repulsions; all these live together and must be savored equally. Does the lost girl ever find her way? Who are we to say what her way should be? None of the surrounding English characters could say what it should be...not her father, her governess, her townspeople. The only one who could come close was her Italian. And only because he let her be all of the emotions and those feelings at once. I think she was no longer lost when she was able to let him be what he was, how he was...or at least it was a start of finding her way.Lawrence is a very sensual writer, concerned with the senses and the feelings of his characters. I enjoyed this book and will be reading more of his work.

Alison Miller

A great read in parts, although quite verbose in others, it seems like perfect material for Materpiece Theater. Not the best DH Lawrence book but a quick, entertaining read.


Considerat cel mai accesibil roman al lui Lawrence, Fata pierdută este o excelentă ilustrare a teoriilor autorului cu privire la întâietatea simţurilor asupra raţiunii, la dragostea ca element primordial al naturii, la distrugerea miturilor filistine şi rigide de constrângere a iubirii libere. Povestea Alvinei Houghton, o tânără onorabilă, dintr-un orăşel de provincie englez, este un exemplu de răsturnare, împotriva tuturor piedicilor, a tiparelor unei vieţi conformiste. Acţiunea romanului se ţese în jurul deciziei Alvinei de a-şi urma iubitul, un tânăr actor italian dintr-o trupă ambulantă, refuzând câteva propuneri profitabile de căsă la sursă: Fata pierdută de D.H. Lawrence – SemneBune


quite feisty for the time I´d say....

Neal Kerrigan

Not a fan. Good Descriptions. Just not a fan


As ever, Lawrence writes beautifully. In this novel, he seems a little bitter about the place of the exceptional individual in a conformity-based society. I enjoy his bisexual heroes, and laughed out loud when the one here tells his boyfriend that there is room for all three of them in his new girlfriend's bed.


"'Why is it? I don't know. I don't know. The pictures are cheap, and they are easy, and they cost the audience nothing, no feeling of the heart, no appreciation of the spirit, cost them nothing of these. And so they like them, and they don't like us, because they must feel the things we do, from the heart, and appreciate them from the spirit. There!''And they don't want to appreciate and to feel?' said Mr. May.'No. They don't want. They want it all through the eye, and finished - so!..'"


Irked me at times, and some of Lawrence's depictions of women's thoughts was odd.. but by the end of the book I was content with reading the book.


A powerful, if meandering read, well in keeping with D.H. Lawrence's sympathetic themes of female sexual repression and desire vs. cold English morality.


Shamefully this is the first novel by D.H Lawrence I've read (my English Lit friends must hate me!). The Lost Girl is slow and brooding as it seems like a book that focuses much more on the rich and beautifully textured nature of the English language, rather than the actual story if you catch my drift. I found myself completely enraptured by some of Lawrence's prose (this is a very descriptive book), but almost bored by other parts, especially when it comes to the characters who I developed no real feelings towards. A strange one, but I can certainly appreciate his writing, if not his overall concepts.

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