The Magic Horse

ISBN: 188353626X
ISBN 13: 9781883536268
By: Idries Shah Julie Freeman

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About this book

A Sufi teaching tale in which two very different princes find their hearts' desires: one in a wonderous, mechanical fish, the other in a magical wooden horse.

Reader's Thoughts

Sue Abideen

Too cheem for a preschooler.

Children's Literature Project

No reading level information available. It is recommended for ages 7-12 (Grades 2-6).Illustrated by Julie Freeman The king announced that he wanted new, useful devices, so the iron smith makes wondrous fish. Prince Hoshyar takes charge in creating more fish, while Prince Tambal uses a seemingly useless magic horse the wood smith created, to fulfill his heart's desire. Prince Tambal meets a princess and defeats an enemy. This book is great for third grade.

Curtis Schofield

All of us so different and so beautiful.


I would give this book 4 stars. This is a multi-cultural book that deals with inventions and magic. It talks about following your hearts desire to do what makes you happy. You can use this book to show children that as long as you follow your dreams you can be happy. I would recommend this book to children in 3rd-6th grade.

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