The Meaning of Persons

ISBN: 1568492480
ISBN 13: 9781568492483
By: Paul Tournier Edwin Hudson

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خدمة المشورة

بأقرأه بالعربي. للأسف الترجمة شوهته


to live is to choose

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Read this one a while ago. It is by a Calvinist Swiss Psychoanalyst. Basic point: There is the Person (core) and everything they wrap themselves with (personage.) Most of our interactions with other people are just personages rubbing against one another. Rarely our persons (real selves) touch. Whenever that happens God is there. He calls it true "dialogue." I loved it when i read it. It is translated so it doesn't flow super great, but i think there is wisdom in the pages!!

Jeremiah Parker

I had never read a Paul Tournier (sounds like Turnyare), even though I can't tell you how many times I've seen his name mentioned over the years. So, when his name came up yet again (in the context of Trinitarian theology), I decided it was time to grab one of his books off the shelf. My only regret is that I didn't read it earlier. I enjoyed Sarte and Camus as a teen. But the philosophy behind their fiction was always locked to me. I just couldn't get into it. "Being precedes essence" and existentialism as explained by high school and college teachers never really made sense to me. My feeble attempts at understanding in recent years yielded nothing worth mentioning. Then I read this book. I don't think he was trying to present existentialist thought (only toward the end of the book does he begin to mention existentialist thinkers). He's simply trying to unravel the mystery of the human person. In so doing he just happened to help me see where the existentialists were coming from. His exploration of the relationship between our roles (personage) and our essence (person) is fascinating. It turns out that our roles and our persons cannot be so easily separated as some might suppose. He challenges idea that self-knowledge should be sought through introspection, showing that we only find ourselves through personal relationships. This book challenged me to be a more open and authentic person. It opened my eyes to the ways we avoid the communion we're designed for. Paul Tournier has challenged me to do the hard work it takes to connect with people on a truly personal level. Thanks, Paul.

John Lipton

The best book I've read dealing with psychology from the perspective of Christian faith. Dr. Tournier's assessments are as fresh today, more than fifty years after they first appeared in print, as they were at the time of publication.

Crossroads Ecc

Christianity Today editors' description: Swiss physician Paul Tournier awakened us to the deep interconnectedness of the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.

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