The Mighty Quinns: Declan (The Mighty Quinns, #11)

ISBN: 0373792956
ISBN 13: 9780373792955
By: Kate Hoffmann

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About this book

Security expert Declan Quinn knows he has a way with women. So when he's assigned the job of guarding radio sex-pert Rachel Merrell, he figures he'll get her cooperation by charming his way into her good graces. And if she's as gorgeous as her photo, maybe her bed, too... Only, the lady doesn't need any persuading...Because of Rachel's so-called "expertise," her life has become all talk and no action. And she's still managed to acquire a stalker. She needs protection--and great sex-- badly! And Declan is the perfect guy to take care of both. After all, he says he won't leave her side. So what's wrong with showing him what else he could do with her body while he's guarding it?

Reader's Thoughts

Dawn ♥ romance

This story was alright with a good premise and I liked the communication but plot slowed midway replaced with lots of sex and I didn't care for its dissection. I also guessed the culprit pretty early. Declan's security firm is hired to protect psychologist Rachel who has received death threats.

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