The Miko (Nicholas Linnear, #2)

ISBN: 0345484851
ISBN 13: 9780345484857
By: Eric Van Lustbader

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Reader's Thoughts

Sebastian Cosgrove

Couldn't get into it.

Ridhwaan Kassim

Very good... and gifted a copy to a special lady.


Ovu kršinu od knjige sam napustio nekih 60 strana pred kraj, potpuno nezainteresovan za rasplet. Čitanje mi je bilo jako naporno, pre svega zbog centralnog zapleta koji je nakaradan čak i za palp pojmove, kao i zbog tretmana glavnog ženskog lika koji je čak i jednom seksisti i šovinisti kao što sam ja bio degutantan. Izdanje je Dečje Novine Gornji Milanovac, kao i prva knjiga u serijalu, prevod Valerija Por. Opet imamo Kjušia umesto Kjušu a naučio sam i jednu novu reč: podgrlac.


Good read.


Interesting book on Japanese Cultural differences and human relations. High level of English.

Theophilus (Theo)

Martial arts, romance, mystics, and throw in the Japanese yakuza for good measure and you have another Lustbader (author of the Bourne series) smash hit. Nicholas Linnear came before Jason Bourne. If you liked the Bourne books, you'll love the Linnear series.

Enrique Peña

la continuacion es buenísima


it's a quite old book, and judging by its thickness and small fonts one may not be willing to read at all, but then again, once u've started, u'd be absorbed!! with a fluent narration, van Lustbader managed to tell us worlds apart: the ancient Eastern minds and the Western minds. each character is very strong, the plot is rationable and easily understandable for both eastern and western minds of those who read it^^-meicHan-


A book for flight travelers reads floantly about ninjas and friend ship.

Shawn Tich

Named my dog after this book


Worth reading as the sequel to The Ninja, however some of the sub-plots were tedious. Questionable physiological feats by the characters also lowered the score compared to The Ninja where these skills were perhaps more believable. Valuable source of information on Asian culture however, and definitely fills many gaps in my knowledge in an enjoyable manner.

James Neal

Is it just my love for Oriental philosophy that makes me love this author's works? Maybe, but that doesn't cheapen Lustbader's talent for digging into the psyche of his characters and making them live and breathe as your reading.

Vicki Beyer

A very 80s story of modern, industrialized Japan still battling the ghosts of war, and somehow caught up in US-Soviet cold war intrigues, to boot. The author engaged in name-dropping and placename-dropping, but failed to grasp the Japanese spirit that he purported to be using as the crux of his tale.

Octavio Ramon

Good. However. it may not be appreciated as much by people not into the Asian martial arts.

Linda Hixon

Economics and history ad nauseum. Oh, and the sex everyone reads him for is not as good as 50 Shades (which I hated). Disappointment abounds.

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