The Mill House

ISBN: 0099453282
ISBN 13: 9780099453284
By: Susan Lewis

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About this book

A powerful tale of passion and betrayal and a woman’s determination to find out the truth about her past, whatever it costs — from the bestselling author of The Hornbeam Tree.JuliaThayne is a valued and loving wife, a successful mother and a beautiful woman. But beneath it all lies a terrible secret that threatens to tear her perfect world apart: her beloved father walked out when she was sixteen and nevercontacted her again. Her mother refuses to speak of him, her sister seems to hate him, yet Julia can only remember the man who adored her, until something happened to drive him away.Joshua is Julia’s husband — he is utterly devoted to his wife and children, but as the ghosts of Julia’s past begin to move into their marriage, he finds himself losing the struggle to keep them together.Then two telephone callschange everything.Julia moves from London to a remote mill house in Cornwall, determined to discover the truth about her father and to find a way to save her fractured relationship with Josh. But it is here that she makes her own fatal mistake, and once more her marriage is rocked to its very foundation.

Reader's Thoughts


This is so far my favourite novel by Susan Lewis. I thoroughly enjoyed this, & found it very hard to put down.

Cara Byrne

I really enjoyed this. Like all the other Susan Lewis books I have read, they do make you want to say "Ooooh I say" in places. The so-called 'twists' were predictable but it was still a very enjoyable read.


I really enjoyed this book. Julia's father disappeared when she was 16- and she is suffering with rejection issues which are causing problems within her marriage. They think she may be suppressing memories about her dad.She finds out that her estranged dad has just died on the same day that she discovers Josh is having an affair with her best friend.She is left the Mill House in Cornwall and the rest of the book follows their struggle to rebuild the issues in the marriage.


This is a really good page turner, brilliant!

Sam Andrews

this was a brilliant read i've only read a few of susan lewis's books but i really like her as an author.


Great book!!! Lots of twists and turn, not easy to put down and very easy to read.


While my initial thoughts in Julia were that she was rather mildly annoying, I gradually began to understand her character more as I read the book. The twists were a little predictable. But I did stay up till about 1 a.m to cover as much as I could.All in all, lovely read


Good read, really enjoyed it.

Tracy Barrall

I loved this book. I was 3/4 of the way through before I had any clue as to the possible outcome. Keeps you on your toes and so well written. I thought Josh was a bit of a hypocrite but thats men for you!


This book was amazing. I loved all the characters and was thrilled with the plot and the way it twisted away from the expected. Another brilliant Susan Lewis about being a mother, daughter, wife and lover - and being hurt or betrayed by those close to you. I could relate fully to the main character in this book and would greatly advise you to read this story.


I thought the synopsis sounded really quite good but this turned out to be not my kind of book at all. Cliched and predictable...very predictable, and with thoroughly unlikeable characters. Disappointing.

Sarah Jennings

Fantastic book, really capturing story and as usual with Susan Lewis books, I couldn't put it down!


Good Book. Easy to read and keeps you hooked

Elaine Tipler

As usual a great read from Susan Lewis. Fantastic book

Deborah Beijer

Good book over real life and a possible real marriage/family situation. Husband and wife problems as well as teenage daughter problems. Nicely written with a few plot twists and turns that weren't expected. Plus a red Porsche!

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