The Mind Tree: A Miraculous Child Breaks The Silence Of Autism

ISBN: 1559706996
ISBN 13: 9781559706995
By: Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay John Fordham

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Reader's Thoughts

Cindy C

Amazing read - if you are interested in getting inside the mind of a non-verbal person with autism. Hard to believe it was written by a child - I suspect that when one does not have the tools to communicate outwardly ones inward thoughts can be quite complex.

Sarah Oksiuta

I can't believe half this was written by an 8-yr old and the second half was written by him at the age of 11. Not to mention that he's autistic. What an eye-opening insight into autism, especially the impaired motor planning for some people. This book was very helpful to me as a special education teacher of preschool students when I read it back in 2005 and I had to read it again. So glad I did.


The poetry and narrative imagine a natural world of complex relationships, weaving together fiction and reality, with perception that lies somewhere in between.

Melissa Jill

This book was interesting in that it was written by a boy with autism when he was between 8-14 years old. Tito is essentially non-verbal so the fact that he is as eloquent and "well-spoken" in writing as he is, is astounding. It was interesting to view the world from his perspective. But I'm only giving this book 2 stars because in the end, it was just ok. I liked the first three biographical sections of the book more than the last two which were fictional pieces written by Tito. And the book didn't really grab me. I don't think it will be memorable. But still -- the author behind the book is completely inspiring and I'm glad to know a little of his story.

Alana S

Good insight into Autism from a child's perspective

Sutarman Ngadi

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesianya membuat puyeng, tapi tetap enak kok dibaca


Wow. This was a crazy look into the mind of an autistic kid. He describes having two selves and the "normal" one just can't assert itself... fascinating.

Julie p

Despite all the negitive talk about the techniques this woman espouses, this concept is interesting.

Tserhapetros tpb2471

Very fascinating and excellent book. It gives insight & knowledge. Knowing two autistic children, reading this book made me feel good as an autistic child is not a hopeless case. With determination and perseverance one could achieve a good result. Just like Tito's mom. It is a must read book. Hope more this type or none fiction books are written to help & understand autism more.


It makes you cry to think a mind like that is locked inside an autistic kid's body. But then again, the same brilliance might not be there if he wasn't autistic.


An autistic child learns to communicate and writes on what it is to be autistic. FASCINATING. And for a child, he writes beautifully. Never has an author been more impervious to societal conditioning, making his "disorder" almost a gift. I highly recommend it!


Fascinating book. I worked with children diagnosed with Autism so I loved reading a book from a persons with Autism's perspective. It's written a little strangely, but it's a worth while read.

Alyssa Sciortino

Amazing! I can not believe how eloquently Tito writes at only 11 yrs old. This is really an amazing piece/pieces of work; not only because of its insight into the mind 'locked in' by autism but simply because of the poetic and honest depth of his prose. I will definitely be buying this book in the future and recommending it to others. Be sure to also check out all of the amazing things Tito and his mother do in the autism community and the speech program they created called soma-rpm. Very cool stuff.

Cheryl in CC NV

Ok, yes, it's amazing that a kid with autism can write so expressively. But let's look at it one step further. It's amazing that he can tell us so well what it feels like, to him, to be autistic, and to grow up with his mother and other caregivers and therapists. Another step further. It's amazing that any child can write so beautifully and insightfully.Don't gush over this out of pity. Admire it for a truly great book. It may not always be wonderfully enjoyable, and it's not for everyone, hence it's not getting 5 stars. But if you're interested, yes, do read it.


An amazing memoir from the perspective of someone who is profoundly autistic as well as profoundly sensitive, insightful, and poetic. Inspiring and thought provoking. It certainly reinforces the idea that one must always presume intelligence regardless of the appearance of disability.

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