The Miser

ISBN: 0822219999
ISBN 13: 9780822219996
By: Molière James Magruder

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About this book

Harpagon, vieillissant mais vital est éparne chaque centime qu'il peut mettre la main sur. En même temps is s'assure que ses deux enfants, sa fille virginale Elise et son fils dandy Cléante, vive sous sa volonté de fer. Pour compliquer les choses, Elise est tombée amoureuse du beau Valère, qui se déguise comme servante dans la maison, malgré son noblesse. Et, pire encore, Cléante et Harpagon sont tous les deux épris de la même femme, la belle, quoiqu'un peu obscure, Marianne. Pendant ce temps, les servants et d'autres intrigants sont à la chasse de l'incroyable richesse d'Harpagon, dont une grande partie est maintenant enterré et protégé par des dobermans méchants. L'intrigue spirale à une fin exubérant comique, plein de rebondissements et révélations scandaleuses qu'on peut attendre d'un des plus beaux jeux de Molière.

Reader's Thoughts


A pesar de que son muchos los críticos que comentan que la estructura de la obra no está precisamente bien fundamentada, para mi esto atribuye a Moliére la capacidad de liberar el ritmo y el esquema dramático. Me decepcionó la simpleza del argumento en el último acto. Eso si, el personaje de "el avaro" es, en su exageración, completamente humano y genial y nos demuestra la obsesión por la riqueza excelentemente.

Ana Maria Rînceanu

Oh Harpagon! By knowing you I go from feeling pity, to ridicule, indiference, nausea and towards the end I fell a serious need to club you over the head.


Très drôle ! Les meilleurs quiproquos théâtraux. La meilleure comédie de Molière. A lire !

Mohamad Yoosofi

نمایش‌نامه‌ای طنزآمیز و زیبا است از کلاسیک‌های نمایش‌نامه. ترجمه‌ی جمال‌زاده را هرچند ازلحاظ تکنیک ترجمه بسیار پردخل‌وتصرف و بعضاً نادرست می‌دانند، زبانی خودمانی و زیبا به اثر بخشیده و آن را با فرهنگ ایرانی آشنا و نزدیک ساخته است.

Maan Kawas

A very beautiful play, comedy of manners, by the great French playwright Moliere! The play is full of satire against the greedy avaricious misers, represented he by Harpagon, who can be considered as an obsessive greed. To Harpagon, money is more important than his children and their welfare, and he considers money his real treasure and he would not hesitate to accuse his son of stealing his wealth box and having him put into jail. The plot is so dramatic and beautifully constructed, and the events move on so smoothly. In addition to the main theme, namely, avarice and its consequences on the miser and the people around, the other themes is about love, and the higher importance of love to money. Although the play is a comedy, still it shows how ugly it is to be a miser, and how such a quality negatively affect the life of the person and the person in his or her life. One of the points the play addressed was the rivalry between an old father and his son over a future bride, namely, Marianne, and the tension such a situation can generate. I could not leave the play until I had reached the final page.

Steven Peterson

Many years ago, I read this (in French). I look at it on my book shelf now and wonder at that (my command of French has largely receded into the mist of the past). However, this is a nice edition. At the outset, there is good context--a chronology of Moliere's life, events occurring in the year in which this play was first performed, an analysis of the piece--act by act, the sources for the play, and so on. Then, the play itself. A fine work by Moliere. . . .

Adamo Lanna

L'avaro mi fa venire in mente Domenica In quando Alberto Sordi veniva ospite e Pippo Baudo gli faceva l'intervista con "mandiamo il filmato" e poi Sordi faceva il saltello (tipo quello che fa sempre Massimo Ranieri)e parlava con la voce di teatro e insomma tutto questo per dire che per leggere l'avaro mi sono prima dovuto fare il lavaggio del cervello. Ora penserete scusa ci sono miliardi di libri dovevi per forza leggere questo? Ebbene sì, io nella mia testa devo leggere prima tutti i classici possibili e solo dopo leggo i libri nuovi. Che recensione è questa? Ci arrivo subito: Alberto Sordi era adatto alla parte. Azzecatissima, e avevo uno zio anche così.


A very nice comedy that I enjoyed. Moliere was using a lot the models from his contemporary society, slightly exaggerated, to create vivid comedy plays. It is likely that the same people that inspired him to create those plays were also amused when they saw them on stage.The reason I rated it 4 was because it is not as good as "The middle class gentleman".My copy of this book is in Romanian.

Lucy Sisk

díky své práci dokázal, že ho královský francouzský dvůr miloval i nenáviděl. Patřil k nejslavnějším autorům doby Ludvíka XIV. a zůstalo tomu tak i dodnes. Jeho zpracování chamtivé postavy Harpagona, který je posedlý svým majetkem, je nesporně nejvíce komickou postavou, s jakou jsem se kdy v knize setkala. Myslím, že nikdy nezapomenu na jeho slova: Chyťte zloděje! ... Zavraždili mě! ... :)


-tous pour rire-Toutes les fonctions du comique sont mises en oeuvre ici : le comique de mots, de situation, le comique de caractère, de gestes, et cette apparence de déshumanisation qui est le fait d'Harpagon ne sert qu'à corriger nos moeurs de certains excès par le rire.

Sophi A faustin

Un autre classique...


Z povinné četby zatím nejlepší.. :oD


Iznenadjujuce zanimljivo i duhovito.

Klára M.


شروق إلهامي

أحداث سريعه متلاحقه بشكل كوميدي رائع، ربما ما أعيب عليها يعود لترجمه النص وليس النص ذاته فقد استخدمت اللغه في بعض الأجزاء بأصعب ما يمكن ان تكون عليه بحيث تجتهد في معرفه المعني والمقصود من بعض الكلمات و العبارات مما يفقدك تتابع الاحداث . كما ان التعريف في بدايه الكتاب بالشخصيات حرق مفاجأه النهاية .الكتاب لم يأخذ مني سوي يومان ولو كنت متفرغه لكان انتهي في عده ساعات لا أكثر لصغر حجمه و ارتفاع درجه الإمتاع في قراءته.

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